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The Benefits of Evaporative Coolers

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Between hot temperatures and high energy bills, finding a solution that will cool your home or business quickly and efficiently is essential. Evaporative coolers have been gaining in popularity because of their many benefits.

Premier Industries has a wide array of evaporative coolers, ensuring the right one for everyone.

As for the benefits, we’ve got eight that you should know about.

Cost Effective

The cost of a cooling system should be a top concern – and when you compare HVAC systems to evaporative coolers, there’s a clear winner when looking at the cost. Evaporative coolers are more affordable, cheaper to install, and cheaper to run throughout the year’s hottest months.

Many coolers don’t use a significant amount of energy, so you can save up to 80% on your energy bills by running a swamp cooler instead of an HVAC unit.

Easy to Maintain

You’ll want to find a unit that is easy to maintain. Swamp coolers don’t have many moving parts, so they’re easier to maintain than some of the robust AC systems on the market.

The only real form of maintenance that you’ll have to do regularly is to clean the pad that allows moisture to soak into it. Often, it’s as simple as cleaning the pad. Only as it starts to wear after a year or more will you have to worry about replacing it.

Most maintenance is something you can do on your own, so there’s no need to hire expensive technicians.

Adds Humidity to the Air

Evaporative coolers have earned the nickname of swamp coolers because they do something that AC units don’t – add humidity back into the air. This is also why they are most effective when humidity levels are below 40%.

Adding a bit of humidity into the air can be a great way to protect your furnishings. When conditions become too dry, it can lead to wood furniture becoming brittle and even cause leather and other materials to crack and wear down quickly.

Since the coolers work based on the principles of evaporation, a bit of moisture is released into the air. And with various controls on the system, you can control just how much humidity is released.

Requires Minimal Water

While evaporative coolers require water, different models are available for you to choose from. Some operate using water reservoirs that you fill periodically. Others are hooked up to an actual water line.

Regardless of which method you use, water usage is minimal. This ensures you’re not swapping a high energy bill for a high water bill. The use of both water and electricity helps to make these extremely energy efficient – and it’s why they have been growing in popularity over recent years.

Particularly if you have concerns about water sources, we can help. At Premier, we’ll explore your needs and discuss the best units for you.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Often, you deal with “stale” air with AC units. The doors and windows must stay closed for the system to run efficiently. It leads to breathing in the same air for hours on end. The recirculated air can leave everything smelling musty and cause breathing problems.

Evaporative coolers work on the premise of an open-air environment. The air flows in over the water-saturated filter and cools the air. With all of the fresh air, you get better air quality. It’s fresh and cool – and can lead to a more comfortable environment for you, whether inside your home or at the workplace.

Offers Health Benefits

Beyond the basic benefits you get from better air quality, the moisture in the air also helps with your health.

If you have a lot of allergies, the air’s humidity will help. That added bit of moisture helps your respiratory system. If you’ve experienced dry eyes or bloody noses because the air is so dry, you’ll see what a bit of humidity can do.

Additionally, you’ll find that your skin will be more moisturized. If your skin is dry and cracking, it’s because there’s not enough moisture – and sometimes, moisturizer alone isn’t going to do the trick. The moisture added to the air from an evaporative cooler makes your skin look and feel healthier.

Environmentally Friendly

When looking to be eco-friendly, evaporative coolers are better than HVAC systems that use expensive chemicals and refrigerants. Because cool, fresh air is being used, it doesn’t use nearly as much energy.

No harmful refrigerants are being used, which means that you’re not adding to the greenhouse gases in the environment or depleting the ozone layer.

Saying yes to a swamp cooler will help you lower your carbon footprint considerably – and your energy bills will also be lower.

Quiet Operation

Evaporative coolers have come a long way in providing a quiet, cooling atmosphere. You’re not going to hear the unit kick on or off – and you may not hear it at all.

If you’ve been woken by the sound of your AC unit in the past, noise is particularly important.

At Premier Industries, we have exceptionally quiet models. They’re ideal for when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep and running in the background while you work, read, and even sit around watching TV with the family.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Evaporative Coolers

Now that you’ve explored the many benefits of evaporative coolers, you may be curious about your options.

We have knowledgeable staff at Premier Industries who can guide you through the process of shopping for an evaporative cooler. We can learn about your needs and help you find a properly sized unit for your home or business.

When you’re ready to learn more, contact us.

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