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If you need accessories or parts for your evap cooler in Phoenix, AZ, then you have come to the right place. Since 1983, Premier Industries, Inc. has been selling a wide range of high quality evaporative cooling items, and we’re always trying to expand and improve our stock. Here is a comprehensive look at our selection.

Dry Filters:

  • 2” dry filters: Throwaway type, pleated, extended surface, average (ASHRAE 52.1, 1992) atmospheric efficiency of 20-35%. mounted in vertical or angle configuration. This item also available in 1″, 2″, 4″ and 6″ thickness.
    Click here for product image of “side load” model.
    Click here for product image of “front-rear load” model.
  • 2” washable filters: Aluminum mesh filters, aluminum frame 20-35 percent efficiency
  • 1” Pre-filters: Throwaway type, 20-30 percent efficiency
  • Activated Carbon Filters: 1″ and 2″ thick disposable filters. 1″ filters have .7 pounds of activated carbon per square foot of face area. 2″ filters have 1 pound of activated carbon per square foot of face area. Carbon used in these filters has an minimum activity of 60%.
  • High Efficiency, Hospital Grade 12” Filters: 95% efficiency. Used where HEPA filter performance is desired but system limitations (fan capacity) do not permit the use of HEPA filters.
  • HEPA Filters: Contact factory for HEPA filter inquiries.

Premier Industries, Inc. is proud to sell a wide range of accessories and evaporative cooling parts in Phoenix, AZ, and we aim to be the only evaporative cooling business you ever need to work with. Here’s a comprehensive listing of the different items we typically stock:

  • Drift eliminator: A drift eliminator stage is used to prevent raw moisture carry over (entrainment) in the air stream.
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  • Birdscreen: Premier uses 1/4″ aluminum perforated sheet with aluminum frame or 1/2″ x 1/2″ mesh galvanized wire with frame for Birdscreen. Birdscreen is removable either by bracket detachment or lift-up hinge arrangement.
  • Face louver panel: Aluminum or stainless steel as specified. Panel covers the entire open face area of the unit. Birdscreen is optional. Face louver panels are also available as a stand alone product.
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  • Face dampers: Motorized dampers to control air intake. Modulating dampers are available to allow partial air intake on a percent of face area basis.
  • Return air dampers: Motorized dampers to allow for return air from the structure for recirculating systems.
  • Return air plenum: A plenum area to contain face and return air dampers for recirculating systems.
  • Weatherhood (intake hood): The intake hood is designed to protect the face of the unit from outside weather. On large, high units, multi-level hoods are used. Hood design is available on request. Construction is stainless steel.
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  • Backdraft damper: This damper is installed on the housing in the discharge of the blower to allow air flow in only one (1) direction. It is common practice to use this damper when using a separate heating system to preclude heated air escaping through the cooling unit.
  • Smoke detector: A smoke detector is provided when specified for the contractor to install in the field.
  • Thermostat: T-Stats are provided to indicate ambient Dry Bulb temperature entering the cooler and the discharge Dry Bulb leaving the cooling media. The Thermostats can be manual read type or transmitting type to a remote control system.
  • Magnehelic gauges: There are two (2) styles of “Mag” gauges. One style is manual read gauges located externally at the cooler. The second style is a transmitting type which can send a signal to a remote control system. The purpose for these gauges are to signal the static pressure drop across the cooling media. This information is useful in determining when the media needs to be replaced due to deposit build-up on the face causing a reduction in air volume.
  • Autoflush: This is a system used by Premier to drain (dump) the sump water at a pre-determined time interval. The system consists of a timer, make-up water solenoid valve and a drain solenoid valve. Sequence of events are as follows: When the timer signals the start of the flush cycle, the make up water (supply) solenoid valve will close shutting off water flow and the drain solenoid valve opens to empty the sump. At the end of the dumping cycle, the reverse order of events will occur to restore the unit to operational readiness.
  • Low water level pump protection: Premier manufactures a system to protect pumps from a low water condition which may cause pump burn-out. Premier Model number is LWLS-24 and is available on equipment we manufacture that uses a pump recirculating system.
  • Make-up water injection system: The best place to bring in fresh make-up water is over the top of the media. This system directs the make-up water across the top of the media rather than dumping it in one end of the sump to mix with the mineral intensive water already in the sump. The fresh water over the media helps to extend its useful life.
  • TDS (total dissolved solids) controls: is a method of detecting the build-up of minerals in the sump water by measuring the conductivity of the water. At a pre-determined level, a signal is sent to a chemical injection system (provided by others) to neutralize the mineral content in the water or to dump the water from the sump by a flush system as described by AUTOFLUSH above. This process is used to extend the useful life of the cooling media.
  • Freeze protection: is a system to protect the cooler from damage due to freezing. The components of this system are thermostat, drain solenoid, make-up water solenoid and a bleed-down solenoid and the necessary electrical controls. Sequence of operations are as follows: When the thermostat signals a pre-set temperature (usually 40 degrees (f)) is reached, the make up water solenoid closes shutting off water supply, the drain solenoid opens to empty the sump and the bleed-down solenoid opens to drain the water from the piping. When the temperature rises to a safe, pre-set level (usually 60 degrees (f)) the operations are reversed and the cooler re-starts unless otherwise shut down.
  • Flowmeters: are provided in three styles. The first is a manual read see-through scaled tubing mounted in the riser pipe on the pressure side of the source to enable setting water flow rate to the header pipe. The second is a flow rate manual read meter type or a transmitting type and the third is an accumulative flow type with a manual read meter or a transmitting type to send the read-out to a remote control system.
  • Indirect gas fired heaters: are provided as specified. These heaters are mounted externally either in parallel or series to achieve the required heating capacity.
  • Electric heat strips: are available as specified. These heat strips are mounted internally in Premier manufactured equipment.
  • Hot/cold water coil: are available as specified. These coils are mounted in Premier manufactured equipment.
  • Electrical controls: Premier manufactures electrical controls required for any equipment we manufacture and/or to interface with other equipment.
  • Explosion-proof equipment: Premier Industries can manufacture equipment to meet the requirements for explosive environments, please contact us for more information.
  • Miscellaneous: Premier specializes in producing equipment to meet the needs of unique, sometimes one-of-a-kind type applications. Present us with special equipment needs you have. Maybe we have already seen that one before.

Whatever parts or accessories you may need for your evaporative cooler, chances are you can find it by getting in touch with Premier Industries, Inc. You can contact us by calling 602-997-8754, or by visiting our Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Want more information, a quote on special accessories, or need to discuss special applications not addressed above? We will be glad to offer our expertise and assistance.