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Evaporative or swamp coolers are an energy-efficient and eco-friendly way of cooling rooms, particularly in dry and low-humidity areas. Evaporative coolers can be used in homes, commercial establishments such as coffee shops, grocery stores, laundry shops, showrooms, fast-food joints, home offices, warehouses, and many more applications.

A portable cooling unit is a perfect alternative to a fan in low-humidity areas. Mostly, a mobile swamp cooler is a box-like piece of equipment that is set on wheels, and powered by electricity. They have moistened pads that are made of materials such as cedar shavings, or cellulose fibers. Once you connect the unit to an electrical outlet, the motor runs the fan, which draws in air, circulating it through the moistened pads thus humidifying it, and re-circulating the air throughout the room.

A conveyable swamp cooler is not intended to cool your entire house. Rather, it is meant to cool a designated space. You can unplug the unit and carry it with you if you are changing rooms. A transportable swamp unit would not be ideal for high-humidity areas as it adds more humidity, which could lead to problems such as the development of mold and mildew.

Premier Industries, Inc. manufactures different models of transportable coolers: Model 625C8 with a tank, Model 950C8, PMC-248 and PMC-368 portable evaporative cooler. All these units feature durable stainless steel panels that are easy to remove and clean. The units can drop a space’s temperature significantly in certain conditions.

You can use the standard garden hose to supply water in all models. The water tank is detachable, meaning that you can use the unit on its own without a water tank. Should you decide to use it, your unit will be able to run for eight hours without needing to have the tank refilled.

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with the dry, stagnant heat of Arizona’s climate, it’s time to look beyond an oscillating fan or a whole-home AC unit. Instead, set your eyes and your standard for comfort on mobile units! Premier Industries Inc. is pleased to offer these units and their numerous benefits to residents who simply want a better way to escape the heat.

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How Does it Work?

Evaporative cooling units draw hot, dry air through moist pads, to produce cooled air that also introduces moisture back into the space where it’s being blown. The result is a wonderful cooling feeling that can also help stave off dry skin, breathing problems and other issues caused specifically by the dry Arizona climate.

Portable Cooler Benefits

Investing in a transferable unit would be a good idea if you are taking care of a senior or a child because of its portability. You can also carry a transportable swamp cooler when you go camping. Here are other benefits of investing in the unit:

They are Cheaper and More Energy-Efficient

One of the key benefits of using a mobile evaporative cooling device as opposed to a window-type air conditioning unit is its affordability and energy-efficiency. A conveyable unit costs about 90% and 50% less than an inverter-type and window-type air conditioning units respectively. As a mobile cooling device is a piece of standalone equipment, you will incur zero installation costs.

As they use a natural process to cool the air within the room, transferable units are quite energy-efficient. An average transportable device uses about 70% less energy compared to an air conditioner.

They are Easier to Maintain

Proper maintenance of the cooling unit you are using extends its lifespan and ensures it works optimally. Compared to an HVAC, a mobile cooling unit is rather easy to maintain as you do not need to involve a professional.

For starters, you will need to clean the water reservoir every once in a while as using it for a long time without draining and refilling it may lead to bad odors. Dirty water may also create the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria jeopardizing your health. Clean the cooling pads at least once in a month using warm water and mild detergent. Make sure you clean the fan blades as well as any filters. Once you reassemble the unit, wipe the housing with a damp cloth.

Portable Swamp Coolers are Eco-Friendly

Air conditioning units use cooling chemicals or refrigerants. As the unit runs, these chemicals are converted into liquid or greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. These emissions are not only harmful to the environment but also affect the quality of your indoor air. Conveyable swamp coolers are kind to the environment as they use a natural process to cool your space. You only need to make sure that the water reservoir has the recommended amount of water to function properly.

Swamp Coolers Add Moisture to the Air

Unlike central air conditioners that dry out the air within your space, mobile units add moisture to it. Dry air can lead to such issues as dry skin, chapped lips, sore throats, and breathing difficulties. In extreme conditions, dry air predisposes you to heatstroke. You won’t experience such issues when using a transportable unit.

The benefits of a cooling device are only outshined by one that’s portable! A transportable evap cooler is your gateway to comfort anywhere in your home, condo, apartment or office space. Take a look at why so many people stand by transportable units:

  • Because they’re mobile, mobile swamp cooling units travel with you from room-to-room, giving you instant relief no matter where you are in the building.
  • Conveyable units are entirely self-contained, meaning there’s no need to deal with complicated accessories or peripheral products.
  • They’re quiet and non-disruptive, making them great for any environment—from your newborn’s nursery to your focused work environment.
  • These evaporative coolers are easy to use! With just the press of a button, you get cooled air on demand, with adjustments to meet your needs.
  • Easily movable units give you great cooling efficiency, which can be more cost effective than other forms of personalized cooling.

All told, there are numerous reasons to invest in a transferable device, even in addition to those listed above!


Units we Offer

Premier Industries Inc. proudly provides customers with some of the industry’s best, most efficient conveyable cooling units. Some of our premier options include:

You Can Have Your Swamp Cooler Fitted With Additional Features

For added functionality and convenience, your mobile unit can be remotely controlled. Some transportable units have a timer that delays or shuts off the device, while others are fitted with a thermostat that enables you to set your preferred temperatures.

Transferable swamp coolers are suitable for areas with hot and dry climates such as Arizona, West Texas, and San Antonio, and throughout the majority of the Southwestern United States. Apart from cooling and humidifying the air, these units get rid of contaminants such as dust and pollen from the air improving the air quality within your space. If you have not yet invested in a mobile evaporative cooling device, consider the various ways your space can benefit from one. You can use it alongside your HVAC or your wall-mounted cooler for enhanced comfort. Contact the professionals at Premier Industries, Inc. for more advice on mobile swamp cooling units and get all your queries answered.

We invite you to consult with us today about these options and the many more we provide, to start experiencing transportable cooling for yourself. Contact us today at 602-997-8754 for more information.