Evaporative Swamp Coolers in Peoria, AZ

The weather in Peoria, AZ can be hot and dry, leaving it miserable indoors if you don’t have a sufficient cooling system. HVAC units don’t always work properly due to the dry, desert heat. At Premier Industries, we offer evaporative swamp coolers that can be used in many settings – residential, commercial, and industrial.

By using the process of evaporation, it’s possible to add moisture back into the air while cooling the temperatures down by as much as 30 degrees. It can make it easier to relax while having a more comfortable environment to work and live in.

Industrial Evaporative Coolers in Peoria, AZ

Industrial evaporative coolers are commonly referred to as swamp coolers. The reason is that they work on an open-air system and distribute moisture into the air while also absorbing warm air. These units are highly customizable to work well in large open spaces – including manufacturing plants, warehouses, industrial buildings, and more.

The coolers are economical because they don’t require a lot of electricity. Additionally, no ductwork is needed. They can even be portable, offering a significant amount of convenience across your property.

Industrial Evaporative Coolers

You can benefit immensely from an industrial evaporative cooler in Peoria. Liquid water is converted into vapor. It will lower the temperature and add moisture, creating a more comfortable atmosphere for employees. And these systems can be used inside and outside.
Units of all sizes are available, and you can choose units of 1,000 CFM to 60,000 CFM. Plus, there’s a wide range of accessories to ensure you get exactly what you need for your industrial space.

Evaporative Air Coolers

Evaporative air coolers can be mounted in a variety of ways based on the necessary configuration. There are no refrigerants or coolants needed, so you can get the system up and running quickly. Since the system depends on a dry environment, you can be sure that it works effortlessly in Peoria.

Portable Air Coolers

Portable units are mounted to casters, allowing you to move and position them as needed. It can make it convenient to move the cooler to an area where a large number of employees are working. If there’s a room where a traditional system isn’t present or isn’t cost-effective, you can move the air cooler in temporarily.
Within minutes, you can start to feel the cooler air. It’s ideal for such places as auxiliary buildings, warehouses, and loading docks.

Residential Evaporative Swamp Coolers in Peoria, AZ

You don’t want to stay in the house when it’s hot and dry inside. The weather can make it difficult to cool your home efficiently in Peoria, which is why many residents have invested in residential swamp coolers. These can work quickly to cool your home down so that you don’t become overheated.

Residential Evaporative Coolers

Residential evaporative coolers can add much-needed moisture. It can help to reduce dry skin, eliminate seasonal allergies, and provide an array of other benefits. Evaporative coolers can be placed in any room – and without ductwork. Use them indoors for bedrooms, living rooms, and playrooms. Use them outdoors for patios, decks, and even when working inside of your garage.

Evaporative Air Coolers

Hot and dry conditions don’t have to make you miserable. Evaporative air coolers are simple to install – and you can do it on your own. Many can go right in front of an open door or window. And, if you don’t have a reliable water source, you can fill an external water tank. This ensures the media stays wet to keep the evaporative process running efficiently.

Portable Air Coolers

Portable air coolers are particularly beneficial in Peoria. You can move these into any room of the house so that you can cool the space down quickly. And if you are going on a trip, load the portable air cooler with you – it’s ideal for RV road trips. The durable caster wheels make it easy to simply roll the cooler anywhere you want to go.

Commercial Evaporative Coolers in Peoria, AZ

At Premier Industries, we’ve been in the business of creating and building evaporative coolers since 1983. Our customers in Peoria have come to depend on our innovative designs and our well-built systems to ensure they are getting a worthwhile investment.

Whether you use a swamp cooler for your home or business, it can be an energy-efficient solution in comparison to a traditional HVAC system.

Commercial Evaporative Coolers

Commercial evaporative coolers in Peoria, AZ are an energy-efficient alternative because of the use of water and electricity. You’ll enjoy ventilation inside of your office building, studio, or anywhere else.

The added benefit of a commercial swamp cooler is the minimal maintenance. Simply change out the pads and winterize the unit every year. No refrigerant means a lot fewer problems.

Do You Need an Industrial or Residential Evaporative Cooler in Peoria, AZ?

Cooling your home or business should be economical and efficient in Peoria, AC. When you want to explore an industrial or residential evaporative cooler, explore the units we have at Premier Industries. We have professionals who can talk to you about the benefits of a swamp cooler and help you to decide what unit will be best within the space you are looking to cool.

Evaporative Cooling FAQs

What is the best way to balance the blower and motor?

The blower and motor can be balanced by changing the air velocity. Ensure it doesn’t exceed 550 feet per minute so that added moisture isn’t drawn back into the system.

How can the air velocity be controlled?

Air velocity is controlled by changing the RPM of the blower – and there should be a motor pulley that allows you to make those adjustments.

How do you adjust the RPM?

The RPM of the blower is adjusted by using the motor pulley. You can modify it to the desired diameter.

How do you adjust the water flow?

Adjusting the water flow is done by using the valve or clamp that is located on the cooler pipe.