How Cold Do Evaporative Coolers Get?

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Cool environments are important. It adds not only comfort but also productivity. If you’re inviting customers or patients into a space, you need to make sure that the space is cool enough that they can enjoy the time that they are at your location. Evaporative coolers are capable of offering an energy-efficient solution.

There’s just one question: how cold do evaporative coolers get? There are a few considerations in order to provide the best answer.

Starting Temperature

In most instances, you have to consider what the starting temperature is in the area you’re looking to cool down. When the temperature is 90 to 100 degrees, you can look forward to temperature drops of 20 to 30 degrees. This could easily bring the temperature down to 70 to 75 degrees, which can dramatically change the environment.

Humidity Level

You will want to look at the humidity level of the area, too. Evaporative coolers work more effectively when there’s a relatively low humidity level in the air. You want to operate a cooler when it’s at 40% humidity or lower in order to get the most effective cooling effect.

If the humidity is higher, you’re not going to get the evaporative process working quite as effectively. The idea is for the fan to blow warm air over the cooling medium. The water is collected in the air, creating a water vapor. It is, then, evaporated into the existing air so that the temperatures are lowered.

When there’s already moisture in the air, evaporation doesn’t happen to the same degree.

This is why you can get varying temperatures with an evaporative cooler. It will get colder in dry, arid conditions.

So, if the starting temperature is 100 degrees in both a 40% humidity area and a 20% humidity area, you’ll get better results in the area with the lower humidity.

The Evaporative Cooler

It’s also important to look at the actual evaporative cooler that you’re using to cool the air. The size of the space has to be a consideration to ensure you buy a cooler that is properly sized. If the unit is undersized for the space, you won’t be able to produce enough cool air. The result will be that you will only be able to achieve a small temperature difference.

When given the chance, it’s actually better to buy a unit that is slightly larger for the space. This way, you get the colder temperatures that you want, especially during the hot summer months.

Some systems are capable of providing you with more controls, too. You can adjust the speed and velocity of the blower so that you can determine just how cold the air will get – and how quickly the area will be cooled.

Consider the installation

Even the way in which the evaporative cooler is installed can have an effect on its ability to produce cold air. Consider that it needs to work on an open system. As such, you want to give it access to fresh air – either on the roof of your building or installed in or near an open window or door. If you’re looking to cool multiple areas, you can even attach the cooler so that it works with existing ductwork.

Ultimately, as long as your system has been carefully chosen for your space, you can get the evaporative cooler to produce the cold air that you desire. It can be just what you need to cool down your home, your business, your auto garage, or even your barn.

There are so many options as long as you have the right system. Achieving 20 to 30-degree temperature drops is common, allowing you to get the cold air needed in the hottest parts of the year.

When you’re ready to discover how cold evaporative coolers get, allow us to visit your location. We can learn more about the space, the humidity levels, and more to make a personal recommendation. Contact us to schedule your free consultation today.

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