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Evaporative Cooler
Our flagship product, industrial evaporative coolers are a cost effective, highly efficient solution for any and all industrial spaces. We have been manufacturing and selling this line since 1983, and we have nothing but confidence in the capabilities, longevity and potential of these products. Our industrial swamp coolers are manufactured especially for extra heavy-duty industrial applications, available in a wide range of configurations and come with additional accessories beyond the design of our basic commercial coolers. If you are interested in purchasing an industrial evaporable cooler, read on to learn more about their features and functions.

There’s no question that an industrial environment must be kept reasonably cool while production is ongoing, because without adequate cooling, equipment breakdowns will be more frequent, and employee discomfort will be very high. When employees are uncomfortable, they simply won’t be able to work at their best, and that means productivity will fall off, either a little at a time or in one big episode.
If equipment is degraded by having high temperature in the work environment, that will be another cause for lower productivity, and that means it will probably be difficult to meet deadlines because the work capabilities of both equipment and employees will fall below expectations. There are now a number of very effective ways that an environment can be kept cool, especially with recent advances in cooling technology. One of the most efficient of these methods is related to evaporative cooler equipment, which is far more efficient than traditional refrigeration units and air conditioning systems.

Evaporative Air Cooler

As you might guess from its name, an evaporable cooler is an instrument that accomplishes the chilling of air through the process of evaporation. This process is different from traditional conditioning systems, which mostly use absorption refrigeration cycles or vapor compression to accomplish cooling. Evaporative coolers work because water has the capability of absorbing a large amount of heat before it will evaporate.

This accomplishes the chilling of air while using significantly less energy than any other kind of conditioning or refrigeration technique. In climates where it is extremely dry more often than not, evaporable cooling will provide an additional benefit because it injects moisture into the air while it cools it, so any building occupants are made much more comfortable.

In such arid climates, evaporable coolers can cost much less to operate, because it significantly reduces energy consumption, and calls for much less equipment than compressor-based coolers do. In climates that are naturally more humid, indirect evaporative chilling will still work quite well, although it does not increase the level of humidity in those situations.

Essentially, evaporative cooling involves the conversion of liquid water into vapor by making use of thermal energy which occurs naturally, resulting in a noticeable lowering of the temperature. The energy required to evaporate water is extracted from the air, and this process actually affects the temperature by chilling the airflow.

Evaporative cooling causes a drop in the temperature which is proportional to the detectable heat loss, while also causing an increase in humidity which is proportional to latent heat increase. A simple example of an evaporable cooling process which occurs naturally is that of perspiration, which amounts to evaporation that cools off the body. The rate of evaporation will always depend on the amount of humidity in the air as well as its temperature, which accounts for why more sweat accumulates on your body during humid days, because it simply can’t evaporate fast enough.

If you are looking for high quality swamp coolers, then Premier Industries, Inc. is the company for you. Here is an overview of the different features our line comes with:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • High efficiency 12” rigid cooling media
  • Rugged C-channel frame and vibration isolation system
  • Standard models rated from 1,000 CFM to 60,000 CFM (actual air delivered)
  • Larger units available
  • Custom designed units for virtually any application
  • Forward curve or backward incline blowers handle high volume and high static pressure
  • Available with a wide range of accessories
  • Side, down and up discharge configurations available
  • 10-year rust-through warranty (a Premier Industries, Inc. exclusive)

Industrial Evaporative Cooling Options

Having too much heat in a manufacturing environment will definitely have negative effects on production levels, on the quality of manufactured goods, and even on the workers who produce those goods. With pressure on American industries to match the output of offshore facilities, today there is a premium on production capabilities.

This means the right environment has to be provided so that employees are comfortable and can work at their best, and so machinery can also be as productive as possible in meeting deadlines. When a work environment is excessively hot, it causes undue worker fatigue, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and possibly even heat stroke. Even if health issues don’t crop up among the employees, heat conditions can cause a loss of concentration, carelessness in the execution of tasks, and possibly even memory loss.

All this makes it important that steps be taken to provide an appropriately cooled environment so that workers and machinery can be at their best. In the past, most manufacturing workplaces simply opened their doors and windows, and then cranked up a number of fans to get airflow circulating around the work floor. In some cases, this may still be an appropriate solution, but there are definitely some drawbacks to it, the first of which is the potential air quality outdoors.

Also, if you have any delicate manufacturing equipment in your facility, it may not be able to tolerate whatever airflow is being pulled in from outside, and it could become seriously degraded. It’s entirely possible that you may also be drawing in insects, dust, and various contaminants from the area your building is situated in. All this would then be blown around the factory and contaminating the air, instead of helping to cool it and purify it.

A better approach would be to use an evaporable cooler which can reduce temperatures while increasing comfort levels for employees and equipment. Evaporative coolers are always most effective in situations where the ambient humidity level is low, because they can increase humidity at the same time they accomplish their operation.

Another possibility might be to use mechanical chilling, and one of the big advantages to this is that it not only cools off the environment, but it dehumidifies it as well. This might be a very welcome capability in areas where it routinely gets extremely humid during summer, for instance in the southern states.

Need an industrial evaporative cooling system with special dimensions or capabilities, feel free to get in touch with Premier Industries, Inc. to learn more about our customization options.

Cooling Professionals You Can Rely On

Evaporative coolers and swamp coolers are one of the most efficient ways of cooling off any environment because they make use of heat which is already within the air, and it simply triggers an evaporation process which has the effect of cooling everything off. This costs much less than many traditional systems which require compression systems to operate, so it can be a real advantage for your business if you install a system based on evaporable cooler units. To learn more about evaporable cooler units, or to inquire about models which we offer to customers, contact us at Premier Industries Inc., where one of our friendly representatives can give you all the information you need.

Evaporative coolers are a great addition to any space, and Premier Industries, Inc. is the company that is guaranteed to give you a great product. To learn more about our industrial evaporative air cooler options, please call us at 602-997-8754, or visit our Contact Us page. We look forward to helping you cool your space more efficiently and effectively.

*Ten year limited warranty against leakage due to rust through, 1 year limited warranty on components. Contact Premier Industries for details