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The Different Types of Evaporative Coolers

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Evaporative coolers have enabled amazing ways of cooling homes and businesses. The basic idea for evaporative air coolers has existed since ancient Egypt, but the techniques have significantly advanced since then and became their modern form in the 1930s. Evaporative air coolers, nicknamed swamp coolers, can save you a lot of money while avoiding the harsh, polluting chemicals used by most traditional air conditioning systems.

Since different projects will require different needs, different type of evaporative air coolers has been designed so that homes and businesses can prioritize their unique needs while still getting all the perks of evaporative coolers.

Why Evaporative Air Coolers are Good

Evaporative air coolers, no matter the type, use systems that use water and a blower to push air through a soaked pad. As the air goes through the pad, it becomes cooler, but it is also filtered and humidified.

Thus, evaporative coolers do so much more than bring the temperature down by up to 30 degrees lower. How much temperature difference you get will depend on your climate, and this technique works best in arid climates.

Moreover, they can keep your air fresher than other systems that recycle stale air. These coolers are known for their energy efficiency, which makes them appealing to many homeowners and business owners.

What are the Types of Evaporative Cooling Systems?

Three main types of evaporative air coolers dominate the market. Which of these types you choose will depend on factors like where you live, how big your space is, and the arrangement of your space. We’ll help you understand these different types, but we can further assist you in deciding what your system will look like during the consultation phase.

Direct Evaporative Air Coolers

Direct evaporative air coolers are known for being cost-effective because they are cheap to run, don’t require too much maintenance, and some of these devices are even portable so that you can move them. However, having the infrastructure in place is often a more stable option. These systems are not always the best option if you want to cover a large space.

Indirect Evaporative Air Coolers

These coolers are not portable and require more upfront costs than a direct air cooler, but these units are bigger, so they can cover very big spaces. They are often better at making the temperature even lower than direct coolers. These devices thrive best when it is hot outside. These systems mostly need a duct system, which can be overwhelming for some people. Yet, their power and robustness can be appealing to some people.

Mounted Air Coolers

Both indirect and directed air coolers can be mounted. Mounted coolers allow cooling systems to be mounted to various places in a home. This expands how evaporative air cooler systems can be installed, adding to their versatility. Ground mounting is one option, but it is not one of the most common options because when the system is mounted to the floor, the cool air can’t circulate as well, limiting how well the system works overall.

Another mounting option is window mounting, a popular option for people who want to cool small-spaced or specific rooms. Window-mounted units have good air circulation. Thus, many people choose this option in residential spaces, but it can also work for offices.

A third common mounting option is roof mounting. This method is mostly reserved for commercial properties, and it’s not as common for residential spaces because it requires air ducts and more extensive maintenance, which is too daunting and unnecessary for many homeowners. This process won’t be as complicated if you already have the required air ducts.

Does it Matter What Swamp Cooler Type I Get?

Yes! Choosing which cooler you get is important because choosing the right system ensures that you’re getting the most out of your system and that it works efficiently based on your needs. There’s a reason all these different coolers exist. Having so many evaporative air coolers to choose from can be daunting, but now that you are empowered with more details, it should be a lot easier to know what perks you want.

Which Size is Right for Me?

Determining the size of the evaporative cooler won’t be too hard of a task for our professionals. Evaporative coolers are linked to suggested square footage, which helps customers know the cooler size they need. All you need to know is how much space you’ll want to cool. You’ll also want to remember that features like a high ceiling add more space than a normal ceiling. Thus, certain spaces may need additional cooling despite the basic square footage.

Are These Devices Harder to Use than Typical AC Systems?

Your daily use of these systems shouldn’t be much harder. However, due to the nature of evaporative coolers, you’ll want to prioritize maintenance activities to always know that you are getting the most out of your cooling system.

Get Your Cooler Today

Premier Industries, Inc. has more than 30 years in the business, and we want to share our wealth of knowledge with you to help you make the best decision possible about your evaporative cooling system. Our experiences have made our designing and manufacturing of evaporative cooling systems for customers in Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding areas.

Our systems have up to 98 percent efficiency with lifetime stainless steel housings. No matter your need, we are ready to take your problems and concerns and create solutions. Our company prides itself on our work ethic and ability to plan and enact plans to create big or small jobs. Our locally-owned business is a great way to support a local business while knowing you’re getting quality craftsmanship.

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