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9 Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for Evaporative Coolers

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At Premier Industries Inc., we are able to provide our clientele with access to the best evaporative air coolers that the Phoenix, AZ, region has to offer. Of course, once these units have been installed, they also have to be properly cleaned and maintained. Even something as simple as choosing the right evaporative cooler cleaner is of the utmost importance. Otherwise, their lifespan is shortened significantly. Thanks to the following guide, evaporative cooler maintenance is made easy. Please be sure to read on.

Regular Visual Inspections

Regular visual checks will allow you to assess its functionality on a consistent basis. Once damage or issues are noticed, it is easier to contact the professionals for all of your repair and maintenance needs. There is no reason to allow a relatively minor problem to linger for too long.

Clean Debris From Cooling Tower

Cleaning the debris from the cooling tower is a key aspect of evaporative cooler maintenance. Debris will often build up inside the cooling tower, and once it has had a chance to do so, further issues are going to occur. The performance of the system is adversely affected, especially from an efficiency standpoint. For best results, clean the tower with each seasonal change.

Reduce Scaling

This is a common issue with evaporative cooling systems, but it does not have to be. Since water has mineral content that must be monitored, mineral deposition is a potential problem that evaporative air cooler owners need to be proactive about. In order to keep scaling from becoming a larger issue, there are a few steps that can be taken.

The flow of the water needs to be enhanced over the pad, for starters. The water distribution pipe also must be flushed and cleaned regularly. The pH of the water will have to remain between 6 and 8 for the best possible results.

Keep Cooling Pads Clean

When you take a look at the cooling pad, do you notice any mineral deposition? If so, this is a sign that it needs to be cleaned immediately. If it is not cleaned, the minerals will affect the flow of the water. Eventually, the performance of the entire system would be compromised. When it is time to clean the cooling pad, wash it with soap and water.

The cooling pad can also be dipped in water, vinegar, and baking soda solution. Allow it to soak for a bit before removing it. Let it dry under the sun, and make sure that it is fully dried off before replacing it. The cooling tanks should also be cleaned on a consistent basis to ensure the continued flow of cool and fresh air.

Keep Covered During The Off Season

An evaporative air cooler needs to remain covered during the off-season so that it can remain at the ready. Once the weather has started to turn and it becomes obvious that the cooler will not be needed anymore, it is time to make sure that it stays protected. All you need to do is obtain a protective sheet to place over the cooler, and this will work wonders. Otherwise, dust and debris will collect inside it and cause further issues.

Getting Started Each Summer

In many instances, evaporative air cooler owners are not taking the proper steps when they get started each summer. Before you even use the cooler, you will need to take the necessary precautions. Taking the time to handle the required checks will make a world of difference. Ensure the power supply is connected correctly once you are ready to start. Check the power, earth wire, drain valve, and switch. Once all of these steps are taken, it is time to use the evaporative air cooler.

Always Use Fresh Water

Whether you are cleaning the interior, exterior, or any additional accessories, the importance of using fresh water cannot be overstated. Take the time to consult the manual to make sure that you are not exposing yourself to any dangerous electrical currents during the cleaning process. The pads are removable, so do not make the mistake of leaving them in the evaporative air cooler during the cleaning process.

Vinegar Can Be Helpful

A gallon of diluted white vinegar can be added to the reservoir of the evaporative air cooler at any time to enhance its cleanliness. Pour it into the reservoir, allow it to sit for a few hours, and the rest will take care of itself. Drain the vinegar into a bucket, load the tank with water using a different bucket, and rinse the reservoir to complete the task.

Follow The Proper Steps For Thorough Cleaning

Those who are looking to clean the evaporative air cooler as thoroughly as possible will need to follow all of the right steps. The unit must be switched off, and the plug must be removed from the switchboard once you are ready to begin. The side panel is opened next. The side cover and cooling pad are then separated from the unit.

Do not use too much water pressure when you are cleaning the cooling pad. Damages could take place if excessive water pressure is utilized. The tank itself has to be cleaned after that. Be sure to open the drain valve so that the tank can dry. After cleaning, make sure that you have closed the water valve. Install the side panel and ventilate the tank and cooling pads until they are both dry.

If you have any further questions about evaporative cooler maintenance or the best cleaner, please contact the experienced professionals at Premier Industries, Inc. as soon as possible. We have a wealth of knowledge and have been in business since 1983. Once you have decided to begin utilizing evaporative air coolers at your home or business, we are more than happy to assist you with any and all concerns, especially maintenance and cleaning!


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