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8 Tips to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

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As the summer months approach, the temperatures are going to rise. There are plenty of ways for you to keep your house cool. By following a few tips, you can enjoy cooler temperatures without spending a fortune on AC bills.

Adjust Ceiling Fans

Your ceiling fans can be adjusted to move the air toward you or away from you. While you might like to feel the air on you while you sleep, reverse the direction to counterclockwise during the day. It moves the warmth away from the room, reducing the temperatures at the same time.

Turn on Exhaust Fans

It’s important to utilize as many fans as you have – including the ones in your bathroom. Keep the fans on when you shower. A hot shower will heat up your bathroom. The exhaust fan running for 20- or 30-minutes post-shower can pull the hot air out faster than if it were to dissipate on your own. Bathroom fans are extremely energy efficient, so they’re not going to raise energy costs, either.

Keep Your Blinds Closed

Reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your home. Adding blinds to your windows can be a great way to avoid direct sunlight. Especially when you’re not in the room, close the blinds. If you have curtains on the windows, too, consider drawing them shut. The added benefit is that it will also offer you more privacy from the neighbors.

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Improve Your Insulation

If your home isn’t properly insulated, heat may be entering your home through closed windows, calls, and even your ceiling. You can caulk your windows and contact an insulation company to increase insulation throughout. Thermal imaging can tell you where the heat is seeping in.

Change Your Lightbulbs

Your lightbulbs may be needed to offer light to your home. However, incandescent bulbs are known to give off a significant amount of heat. Especially if you have entire rooms being lit with these bulbs, it can raise the temperature by several degrees.

The best thing to do is make an investment in LED bulbs. They operate without giving off any heat and they’re a lot more energy-efficient, too.

Cook Outside, Not In

There’s a reason why you see so many people grilling during the summer months – it keeps the heat out of the kitchen. Whenever you operate your stove or oven, you’re adding heat. Think about investing in an outdoor grill. Otherwise, try to cook without having to rely on the oven every night.

Get a Cross Breeze Through the House

A breeze through your home, especially in the evening, can be a natural way to cool the home down. Be sure that you open the doors or windows on both ends of the home. This way, the cooler air can flow all the way through. If you don’t already have screens on your windows and doors, this is the perfect time to make the investment.


Plant Trees Near Windows

There may be certain areas of your home where the sun enters at its brightest. When the sun is beating in, it can heat up a room quickly. The goal is to create more shade. You can plant trees strategically near certain windows. As the trees grow in fullness, they’ll block the sun from entering your home at full force.

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