Five Ways to Make Evaporative Coolers More Effective

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If an evaporative cooler, also called a swamp cooler, is used in your home, there are things you can do to make it work in your favor throughout the warm months. Check out these five ways to make evaporative coolers in Phoenix, AZ more effective:

  • Get a dehumidifier: If you live in a humid area and you can feel the humidity inside your home, then you can benefit from using a dehumidifier. This device offers a more comfortable, healthy living space while staving off indoor mold and mildew growth. Know that humidity may cause your evaporative cooler to not function as it should, and that having a large amount of humidity in the air can also affect your breathing, as moisture in the air gets inhaled making it difficult breathe.
  • Crack the windows: The number one issue a homeowner or renter has with a residential swamp cooler is not knowing how important it is to have the windows open slightly while it’s running—in other words, a resident who has not read the owner’s manual to find out the proper way to use an evaporative cooler. To create a cross breeze to keep the humidity in your home low, crack the windows a couple inches, which will move the air around and send moisture right out the window. Keeping windows closed while the cooler is on will more than likely lead to warm or wet indoor air.
  • Keep pads wet: An important evaporative cooler component is the pad. Pads that are not moist will not provide the necessary cool air to bring your home down to a comfortable indoor temperature. A wet pad allows the cooler to transform warm air into cold air, but pads that are too dry will not have the power to evaporate moisture, causing a mist instead of cold air.
  • Keep the water tank full: Depending on the weather, the water in your swamp cooler may evaporate quickly or last for days. Without water, the pads won’t stay wet and your house won’t be nice and cool. Also, you want to pour very cold water into the tank for a better chance of cool air blowing out. So whether the water gets low because of hot weather or because refilling it is not on your mind, don’t forget you must add cold water to the tank every week.
  • Maintain it: Just as you would inspect and maintain a central air conditioning unit, you must care for your evaporative cooler if you want it to last a long time and perform properly. Cleaning the unit is fairly simple—this includes wiping down the outside surfaces, taking a cloth with cleanser to the inside of the tank to clean away contaminants, vacuuming out grills and vents and replacing the pad every so often. Treat your cooler well, and it will work hard for you.

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