When Should You Buy an Evaporative Cooler

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If you are considering purchasing an evaporative cooler, there is a lot you will need to examine to help you make your decision. What type of cooler you’ll buy and the cost are both important factors that will help you along the way, but how much maintenance your cooler will require is just as important to think about. Since you will probably be trying to make a decision soon, you’ll want to ensure you look at everything there is to know about evaporative coolers, including what maintaining it means for you.

Here’s why people should consider maintenance when buying evaporative coolers in Phoenix, AZ:

  • Time: Draining the water from the pan and changing the cooler pads are just a couple of the many maintenance tasks you will need to perform on your cooler to keep it up and running. Maintaining your evaporative cooler will require you to take time out of your busy schedule. Whether you are performing the maintenance yourself or calling in a professional, you will still have to devote some of your time to ensuring the maintenance is completed and your cooler will continue to work without problems.
  • Cost: Maintaining your cooler will take up some of your time, but it will also cost you money. The cost of maintenance for your evaporative cooler will vary depending on what needs to be done. Perhaps you will need to purchase cooling pads or another part that is necessary for your evaporative cooler to function properly. Regardless, it will cost you money, so it is important to be prepared to spend the money needed to avoid those costly future repairs.
  • Energy: Time and money will need to be put into maintaining your evaporative cooler, and that will require energy on your part. Again, whether you perform the maintenance yourself or hire a professional, you’ll still have to have the energy to get things done and ensure your cooler is ready for use and will last the summer. Of course, this shouldn’t be a reason you decide to not purchase an evaporative cooler, because many other cooling options will still require maintenance and energy.
  • Comfort: You are planning to buy an evaporative cooler for a reason, and one reason may be because you want to feel comfortable in your home. As comfort is something that can be greatly affected by maintenance, it is important to put forth the effort to maintain your unit. If you don’t maintain your unit and work to avoid costly repairs, you may find yourself unable to get cool and comfortable on those hot days.

In a sense, your evaporative cooler is no different than your car or the appliances in your home. If you want to make it last and keep it in good condition, you’ll have to perform regular maintenance. This may take time, money, energy and more, but it will be worth it if your cooler lasts for many years to come.

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