Top Signs Your Evaporative Air Might Need Repairs

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Evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, are effective indoor air cooling units that are perfect for a range of large and small spaces. This type of cooler is a good alternative to the traditional central air conditioning systems you see installed in a number of homes and businesses. The way they work is by evaporating water instead of using refrigerant to cool the air. As a result, they are highly energy-efficient, can humidify the air and work incredibly well in dry climates.

Like any cooling system, you must care for and maintain your evaporative cooler to avoid problems. Below are some signs that your evaporative air cooler parts in Phoenix, AZ might need repairs.

Unit doesn’t start

There are a few reasons why an evaporative cooler unit might not start. However, one of the most common is a blown fuse. Even though it’s not currently working, make sure the unit is not connected to a source of power before examining the fuse. If you can determine that your evaporative cooler’s fuse is blown, call a professional to replace it. You’ll also need an expert’s opinion if you can’t find the problem.

Keep in mind that the breaker can trip in some cases, preventing the system from starting. Hire a professional evaporative cooler technician to inspect the wiring for signs of damage.

Airflow problems

You’ll probably be able to tell whether your evaporative cooler is not functioning properly—after all, its job is to cool down the building. You might notice signs like stuffiness, heat and even excessive humidity indoors. This kind of improper airflow points to blocked exhaust ducts. For an evaporative cooler that doesn’t have an exhaust, make sure there’s a proper opening for the unit to vent. Most manufacturers require an opening of about two square feet per 1,000 cubic feet per minute produced by the cooling unit. In either case, it’s best to contact a professional for repairs and replacements.

Strange smells

The air that comes out of your evaporative cooler should not have a strange odor. Odd smells coming from the cooling unit are likely caused by stagnant water or mildew inside the unit. Never ignore this problem or wait too long to deal with it. If you do, the unit will eventually disperse air filled with contaminants and bacteria. Get the problem diagnosed—it could be something as simple as some parts in need of cleaning, or that the water needs to be changed.

Cooler is leaking water

A big sign that your evaporative cooler needs repairs is water dripping from the unit. Cooler water drips for many reasons, most notably because of improper storage of the unit during the winter months. Before storing the cooler, be sure to winterize it. This includes draining the unit, removing the pads and cleaning the tank. Store the unit in an enclosed area.

If you have questions regarding evaporative air cooler parts in Phoenix, AZ or would like to inquire about a specific unit, contact the team at Premier Industries Inc. Feel free to call us or visit us online anytime!

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