Top Four Reasons to Buy a Portable Evaporative Cooler

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Depending on where you live, you might consider taking advantage of all that portable evaporative coolers have to offer. They work very well in places like Arizona, where the weather is regularly hot and humid, but also in homes and buildings with small areas that need cooling down. Here are four of the top reasons to invest in a portable evaporative cooler in Phoenix, AZ.

Easy to use

Because these coolers are portable, there’s no need to designate a location for permanent installation. Portable evaporative coolers are simple to set up—just roll it into the room you want to cool, and power it on with the easy press of a button! When you want to adjust the temperature up or down, there are no complicated controls to wrestle with. Portable units are self-contained, which means complicated accessories and additional components are non-existent.

Energy efficient

Another reason why homeowners and business owners buy portable evaporative coolers is to save energy. These types of cooling units offer phenomenal cooling efficiency for a variety of house and building designs. What’s more is that they can be more cost effective than other methods of cooling (more on that later). You should know that portable coolers aren’t just for homes and buildings without central heating and cooling systems. In fact, many make use of both. Why turn on the whole house air conditioning system when you only need to cool the one room you’re in? With both, you have a cooling option that is energy efficient.


If your cooling unit is energy efficient, then you are saving energy, and thus saving money on your monthly energy bills. In other words, a portable evaporative cooler is a cost effective investment. The best quality portable evaporative coolers cost only pennies to run, and most units themselves are relatively inexpensive. Of course, the price of the unit depends on the cooler’s features and the manufacturer. Another way a portable unit saves you money is with its adjustable thermostat that allows the unit to automatically shut off once the desired indoor temperature is reached.


Portable cooling units provide comfort anywhere it’s needed in homes, condos, offices, apartments and other buildings. Whether using a portable evaporative cooler in your home or business, you’ll enjoy the portability of you cooling unit, as it is easy to transport from room to room whenever you want. Get it situated in a new location, power it on and feel instant relief from the heat.

Use it in your living room or shared office space by day, then move it to your bedroom or enclosed office to benefit from the cool air in the evening. Cooking on a hot stove? Is the oven set to bake something for a few hours? Instead of just suffering with the heat, move the cooler into the kitchen area to keep that area cooler while you cook.

Need to cool down? Don’t hesitate to call the team at Premier Industries Inc. for more information about the benefits of buying a portable evaporative cooler in Phoenix, AZ!

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