Tips for a More Efficient Evaporative Cooler in Your Home

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With the warmer months approaching, many homeowners are getting ready by performing maintenance checks on their cooling systems. For those who use an evaporative cooler in Maricopa County, AZ, you’ll want a system that’s working at its most efficient in order to beat the heat this spring. By following these tips, you can ensure that your cooling system is not only well maintained, but that it’s also reaching its highest potential when producing cool air.

Clean the Cooling Pads

Over time, your evaporative cooler will collect small particles that get stuck in the cooling pad and can prevent your system from producing the optimal airflow. To prevent this, it’s best to clean your cooling pads as needed throughout the season. The frequency in which this should be performed will depend largely on the quality of the water being used. For example, if the water used in your evaporative cooler system tends to contain a lot of particles, then this is an especially important task that will likely need to be performed several times a year.

Empty the Sump Water

To prevent sediment from getting stuck in your cooling pads, we recommend that you empty the water sump regularly. Since the amount of hardened material that ends up floating around in your water supply varies based on the quality of your water, you might have to empty the sump as frequently as every hour. Using higher quality water will allow you to put off dumping the water until after roughly five hours of use. While some systems allow a slow leak to empty the water sump, it’s not nearly as effective as dumping the entire container.

Replace the Cooling Pads as Needed

While cleaning the cooling pads will certainly help to extend their life, over time normal wear and tear will impact the quality of your system’s airflow. To prevent this, it’s best to replace your cooling pads as needed. Depending on the kind of material a pad is made out of, it can last anywhere from one to five years. If you’re unsure how long it has been since yours was last changed, it’s likely time to purchase a replacement. You can also look for cracks, tears and pulls in the material that will indicate it has been used to its full potential.

Wipe Down the Exterior

Maintenance of the interior of your evaporative cooling system is just as important as that of the exterior. Using a damp cloth while the system is turned off, simply wipe down the system to remove any dust or dirt that naturally collects on its surface. While it’s recommended that this be done every few weeks, it should at the very least be done when your evaporative cooler is taken out of storage at the start of the season. Removing all of the dust that collects on it will allow the system to provide your home with optimal airflow, keeping you and your family cool well into the summer.

If you find that, after following these maintenance tips, your system still isn’t as effective as you’d like, it might be time for an update or a complete replacement. Contact the team of experts at Premier Industries Inc., who can assist you with all of your needs regarding a new evaporative cooler in Maricopa County, AZ and the surrounding areas.

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