Things to Consider When Purchasing a New AC Unit in Phoenix

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The weather in Phoenix is almost always hot—a reliable and efficient air conditioner is a major need when living here. However, picking out the right one can be tough. There’s a lot to consider, and not just about the air conditioners themselves. There’s also your home and lifestyle to take into account. Here’s a look at some of the things you should be thinking about when buying brand new coolers in Phoenix, AZ:

  • Power decisions: The power of an air conditioner, given the temperatures you see in Phoenix, can be a major decision. When looking for a powerful air conditioner, you’ll want to consider the space it will be cooling. If your goal is to cool your entire home and it’s not powerful enough, you’ll be very disappointed. Make sure to look at how many BTUs you’ll need.
  • Efficiency: In addition to power, you’ll also want to look at the efficiency. Coolers in Phoenix, AZ will be under heavy stress. A more efficient AC will require less energy and fuel to operate. It will be more expensive than less efficient coolers, but you’ll save money in the long run. Look for air conditioners with the Energy Star label, and also look for the SEER and EER ratings of each manufacturer.
  • AC settings: Different air conditioners will have different features. Some will have different speeds that they can run at, which can save you energy and money. Others will have timers to cool down the house at different times of the day. Look at the different settings and features the air conditioner includes before making a purchase.
  • Sizing up the AC: You should go into buying an air conditioner with the knowledge of what size you’re looking for. In addition to larger units usually being more powerful, you’ll also need to know where the AC goes and how it will be installed. If it’s too big, it won’t work as efficiently and will cost you more money. If it’s not big enough, it’ll leave your home too warm.
  • Location: Take a look at your home’s layout. Air conditioners make a lot of noise, and depending on where they’re located, they could disrupt your time indoors or outdoors.
  • Warranty: Coolers in Phoenix, AZ can come under some heavy stress. Make sure to double check the warranty that comes with the air conditioner. You’ll want to verify exactly how long it lasts, what the extended warranty options are and what voids it.

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