The Care and Maintenance of Evaporative Coolers

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Evaporative coolers have their advantages in a dry climate like that in Phoenix, but they also require more maintenance than other systems. Most tasks can be performed easily by homeowners, but many also purchase evaporative coolers in Phoenix, AZ without knowing how to take care of them. Since maintenance is essential to avoid repairs and keep them working, here is what you need to know about your evaporative cooler:

  • Monthly inspection: Each month, unplug your cooler and check the inside for damage and worn out parts. You will also want to check belt tension and see whether the water reservoir is full. Checking your pads is also important; if they are not able to retain moisture, it is likely time to switch them out.
  • Pad replacement: Pads disintegrate mainly because most municipalities use hard water. Installing a water softener in your home can help, but even then, changing out the pads is a routine process with evaporative coolers in Phoenix, AZ. If you purchase the less expensive fiber pads, you will need to change them every year or two. Investing in rigid-sheet pads will decrease the frequency of replacement, although you should still check them regularly to make sure they remain evenly saturated with water—especially if your cooling demands increase.
  • Clean out bacteria: If you are on vacation or a weather system reduces the need for cooling, drain all the water from your cooler first. Taking that step reduces the chance of bacteria growth and mold. However, if you let the cooler remain idle before draining the water, add chlorine to your standing water and let it sit for 30 minutes before starting up the cooler again.
  • Check float valves: These parts maintain water level and flow. If they are not working, your pads will not remain moist and cooling will not occur. On the adverse, if it is not stopping water flow at the right level, you risk over saturating the pads and causing dysfunction that way as well. Adjust them if need be, and then turn on the motor to see if water reaches the pads and evenly saturates them. You can also find leaks during this test and get those addressed, too. Many failures with evaporative coolers start with a lack of water level control. You can stop these by detecting signs early.
  • Clean the water pan: Your water pan can attract dirt and become a great Petri dish for mold, mildew and bacteria. Remove it and give it a good cleaning when it starts to collect more dirt than water.
  • Test bleed-off valve: In addition to the float valves, the bleed-off valve drains water to prevent mineral buildup. You want it to manage water levels well, but not drain too much water. Check your owner’s manual on how to test it as this varies between models. If you are finding this beyond your capabilities, schedule a maintenance appointment with your local evaporative cooler technician.

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