Simple Ways to Stay Comfortable in Phoenix, AZ

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There may be a time when you find your household without a working heating and cooling system. Maybe the system is old or was damaged beyond repair. Whatever the reason, you are going to need to come up with some creative ways to keep cool or warm during the time it’s going to take for a technician to install new equipment for your home’s heating and cooling in Phoenix, AZ. Here are some simple suggestions to help maximize your indoor comfort.

If the weather is cold…

  • Use the fireplace: Fall and winter call for tossing a log on the fireplace. And why not? Not only will the fireplace warm up your home and chilly hands, it will also fill the indoor air with woody scents to set a seasonal mood.
  • Cozy up with a blanket: Not everyone wants to bundle up in multiple layers of clothing items like beanies, mittens, sweaters, leggings and booties. Instead, bust out those extra blankets you have folded up in the linen closet for additional layers while you sleep or to wrap up with in front of the television. When you cozy up with a fluffy blanket or two, you will stay nice and toasty all day and all night long.
  • Enjoy hot beverages: Okay, hands down, chilly weather calls for sipping more of your favorite hot beverages—like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, hot apple cider and mulled wine—and even more so in the event your heating unit stops working in the middle of winter. Also, consider simmering a pot of hot soup to break the chill.
  • Use space heaters: If you just need to warm a small area, plug in a space heater. You’d be amazed at how much heat one of these little devices gives off. And you may even continue using your space heater for times when it’s just you at home. Why use more energy to warm up the entire house when you’re only using one room?

If the weather is warm…

  • Don’t cook inside: Avoid using the oven and stove if you don’t have a good way to cool your house down. Cooking creates hot steam, and moisture may linger in the air. Instead, prepare cold foods or quickly reheat leftovers in the microwave, or pack everyone into the car and go out to eat.
  • Open windows at night: If there’s a nighttime breeze, open your doors and windows to let it circulate through. But close up shop first thing in the morning to keep warm outdoor temps from getting in.
  • Cool off in the shower: A quick way to cool down is to jump in a cold shower. This is especially helpful right before bedtime to help you sleep if indoor temperatures are still on the warmer side.
  • Cover windows: Draw window coverings closed during the day to keep the heat out and the cool air from escaping out the glass. Do the same for exterior facing glass doors.

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