Signs You Should Consider Replacing Your Evaporative Cooling Unit

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The new year is fast approaching, which means it’s a great time for you to take a look at some of the most important pieces of equipment and infrastructure you have in your home and determine if they need any service or upgrades performed.

One item on your checklist should be your evaporative cooling units in Phoenix, AZ. If your inspection of the system reveals that it’s no longer operating as well or as efficiently as you might like, you might consider making it your new year’s resolution to get yourself a new system.

Here are just a few signs that indicate replacement of your evaporative cooler should be on your to-do list:

  • You have water stains on your roof: Evaporative coolers all have overflow drains, which push water off your roof. Over time this can build up some discoloration, which can only be removed by replacing shingles.

    Your evaporative cooler shouldn’t have to constantly rely on its overflow drain, so for it to be constantly running is a sign that you may need to look into replacement.

  • Water damage: Swamp coolers require a water line to deliver water to the cooler pads, which means there’s constantly water running in a part of your home that you don’t necessarily see frequently, if at all. If leaks form or the tray gets full, this could result in some significant water damage.

    If that water damage occurs, then this is probably a sign that you have a major problem with your system that needs to be resolved before the damage gets even worse.

  • Corrosion: If there’s a lot of corrosion built up on your swamp cooler, it’s going to be hard for it to operate efficiently.

    There are methods you can implement to prevent corrosion from occurring (at least to an extent), but it’s difficult to deal with significant levels of corrosion that are already there.

  • Age: At a certain point, the evaporative cooler will reach an age at which it has exceeded its useful lifespan.

    These pieces of equipment aren’t going to last you forever, and at some point it will become more financially efficient for you to purchase a new system rather than continue to make repairs to an outdated one.

  • Inconsistent airflow: Your swamp cooler is supposed to reliably deliver you cool air. If the unit simply isn’t living up to what it’s supposed to be doing, it’s a good idea to have it inspected by a professional to see what the issue is.

    If the problem is going to be too expensive to resolve, you may need to purchase a new unit to get yourself some reliable cooling and airflow once again.

These are just a few examples of some of the signs that indicate you should purchase a new evaporative cooling unit in Phoenix, AZ. For more information about what you should know about this type of equipment, we encourage you to contact Premier Industries Inc.

We’ve been serving area homeowners for over 35 years, and would be happy to offer you some suggestions!

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