Learn More About the Parts of Your Evaporative Cooler

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Before you buy an evaporative cooler, it’s a good idea to learn more about the equipment’s parts so that you will have a basic understanding of how the unit works. From there, if you have questions about evaporative cooler parts in Phoenix, AZ, you have a solid knowledge base when approaching service professionals if your unit is in need of repair.

Here’s an overview of some key parts of your evaporative cooler:

  • Motor: An evaporative cooler’s motor is very low voltage, allowing the equipment to use minimal electricity. If you hire a professional to change the motor in your evaporative cooler, they will look at the size of the current motor and the number of speeds it has before performing any repairs.
  • Bearings: Have you noticed a squeaking sound coming from your evaporative cooler? If so, this may mean that its bearings need to be lubricated. In more severe cases, the bearings may need to be replaced entirely. The professional you work with will recommend which solution is necessary and make the appropriate repair.
  • Pump: Your evaporative cooler’s pump moves the water from its pan to the machine’s tubing, and then to the pads. The pads must be wet in order for the cooler to successfully perform the cooling process. If you observe that the pads don’t seem to be getting wet enough, this may mean that your piece of equipment needs a replacement pump. You might also decide to install a larger pump to produce more water circulation if your current pump doesn’t allow the pads to become sufficiently wet.
  • Distribution tubing: Sometimes also called the spider, the distribution tubing moves the water from the pump to the cooler pads. It may become clogged from time to time and need to be cleaned out or changed if you notice that the pads seem too dry. If you observe that the air feels too warm, consider checking the distribution tubing to see if there is a problem.
  • Cooler pads: The cooler pads for your piece of equipment are likely made from wood strips, which are the least expensive and most popular type of cooler pad. If the strips become loose, the pump may become backed up. With this in mind, it can be helpful to place an extra screen around the pump. When selecting new pads, make sure you have taken the measurements of the interior panels of your evaporative cooler. As a side note, when you prepare to shut your evaporative cooler down for the winter, you can help prevent rusting by replacing the cooling pads.
  • Drain: The drain is a pipe located inside the cooler’s pan. If you need to drain the water out of the pan, the drain tube can be removed. The drain also functions as an overflow that lets extra water drain out of the machine if it is getting too filled with water. Any excess water will make its way to the ground.

After reading about your equipment’s features, perhaps you’ve realized you need some replacement evaporative cooler parts in Phoenix, AZ. At Premier Industries Inc., we stock a wide selection of parts and accessories. Contact us today for quotes on accessories and for expertise and assistance you can rely on!

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