How You Can Benefit from Evaporative Water Coolers

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As you know, in Arizona, the summer temperatures can skyrocket. When the weather heats up, it’s essential that you are able to effectively cool your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners have outdated cooling systems or units that aren’t right for their specific space. If your home’s air conditioning system is due for an update, you should consider whether an evaporative cooler may be the best option for your needs. This form of cooling has a number of benefits and can be especially advantageous for homes that are located in dry regions like Arizona:

  • Easy maintenance: The simple design of evaporative water coolers in Phoenix, AZ makes replacement and repairs simple and straightforward. If your evaporative cooler ever becomes damaged, affordable replacement parts can usually be found relatively easily. Routine maintenance is simple and only needs to be performed a couple times each year.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Evaporative coolers are much less expensive to install than traditional cooling systems. Most evaporative water coolers in Phoenix, AZ cost less than $3,000, and they are often far less than that. By comparison, a traditional cooling system can cost well over $10,000 to install. You can also save money in the long run when you install an evaporative cooler vs an air conditioner because they require much less electricity. Repair costs are also less for an evaporative cooler over time.
  • Efficiency: Because evaporative coolers use a natural mechanism to cool the air, they are far more energy-efficient than traditional cooling systems. Evaporative coolers use a significantly lower amount of energy, which is great for the environment and for your wallet.
  • Improved air quality: Refrigeration-based cooling uses different chemicals as part of the cooling process, which can then be released into the air. Evaporative water coolers in Phoenix, AZ use water to cool the air and don’t add any chemicals to it in the process. Also, unlike traditional cooling systems, you can open up windows and doors while you are using your evaporative cooler without experiencing a decrease in function. This allows evaporative coolers to produce fresher air—which is less likely to contain bacteria, fungi and airborne pathogens—rather than re-circulating stagnant indoor air.
  • Additional moisture: In dry climates, evaporative coolers are able to function both as cooling systems and as humidifiers. Traditional air conditioners, in contrast, remove moisture from the air. This can have several negative effects, including increased difficulty breathing and dry skin.

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