How to Avoid Costly Heating and Cooling Repairs in Phoenix, AZ

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The thermostat outside reads an even 90 degrees, but you and your family don’t notice because you’ve been comfortably locked away indoors with your air conditioner running full blast for several days now. But suddenly, without warning, your unit stops. As your home gradually gets hotter, you call in the experts, but you soon learn that your heating and cooling unit needs some pretty expensive repairs and, what’s worse, repairs that could have been easily avoided.

The heating and cooling system is one of those things inside our homes that we don’t really think too much about until it’s not working properly. As long as our home stays comfortable, we tend not to worry about the work being done behind the scenes to keep it that way. By watching out for early warning signs, you can avoid costly heating and cooling repairs in Phoenix, AZ. Below are three warning signs you should watch out for:

  • Debris and clogs: If your system seems not to be cooling properly or blowing as hard as it once did, check your unit for debris and clogs. Leaves, overgrown plants and other debris can accumulate around the outside of your heating and cooling unit and obstruct the flow of air and clog the air filters, which can affect the efficiency of your unit and even cause it to burn out. If caught in time, simply removing the debris and clogs can save you from having to call for repairs.
  • Low water levels: If your heating and cooling unit isn’t cooling down your home, this may be a sign of a low water condition. Low water in your system can cause your pump to burn out. Check your water levels regularly. If you notice that continually low water levels are an issue, call for heating and cooling repairs in Phoenix, AZ immediately. Although a low water level isn’t a problem in itself, the side effects can be. Low water levels can cause your pump to overwork and burn out; the result is damaged parts and even the need to replace the pump altogether.
  • Leaks in the air ducts: Even small leaks in your air ducts can become a huge problem. A small leak can reduce the efficiency of the system, allowing air to escape rather than cooling or heating your home. Plus, a small leak can become bigger over time and can cause a lot of damage. If you notice a leak in your air ducts, be sure to call to have the leak repaired immediately, before it becomes a costly and complicated repair.

Repairing a heating and cooling unit can often become one of the most expensive home repairs you’ll ever do. Be proactive and try to avoid costly repairs by having regular maintenance on your system and by watching for early warning signs that something is wrong. Catching minor issues before they become big problems can help keep your unit in good working order—and keep some dollars in your pocket where they belong. Contact Premier Industries Inc. today to learn more, or to schedule heating and cooling repairs in Phoenix, AZ.

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