When Should Your Commercial Evaporative Cooler Be Serviced?

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If you are interested in installing an evaporative cooler in your commercial building, your first step should be talking to an expert in the industry. A professional will know what model is best for your needs and your building size, and they can install it and show you how to use it properly.

Because the system runs constantly, another important step is maintenance. Commercial evaporative cooling systems require specific service checks for a few reasons: to help keep parts up to date, to ensure the system is functioning correctly and, in some cases, to maintain the warranty.

So, just how often should your commercial evaporative cooler in Phoenix, AZ be serviced? Read on for some important information about caring for your evaporative cooler.

Service period recommendations

No matter how often you use your evaporative cooler, you should plan to have the entire system serviced on a schedule. But how often your cooler needs to be serviced also depends on the brand and model. As a general rule, and to ensure maximum efficiency, checks range from once a year to bi-annually to once every two to three years. Not sure of the best service schedule? Consult the user manual for guidance, or consult the company that installed your evaporative cooler system.

What happens during a typical cooler system service check

As the business owner, you can do some basic cleaning, maintenance and visual checks on a regular basis between professional inspections, but a thorough system check involves more than just a visual inspection. Much like an HVAC technician performing an annual check on your home’s HVAC system, an experienced commercial evaporative cooler technician will come out to your business location to check and test specific functions of the system.

One essential service is a general washing of the cooler’s filter pads and drain valve. The filter pads play a crucial role in the cooling efficiency of the system. The pads must be able to maintain a uniform wetness and continue to remain wet, or risk inefficiency. While looking at the system, your technician will inspect the water level in the reservoir and check the internal tension belt.

The importance of regular system checks

Periodic evaporative cooler system inspections check for signs of normal wear and tear and damage to components. If you don’t have your system checked yearly, twice a year or according to another recommended service schedule, then you could run into expensive repair or replacement costs. Additionally, regular maintenance checks can reduce this risk by catching potential problems early, thus preventing costly damage. A true professional will have the tools to make simple repairs on the spot, and before they leave, they will be able to provide useful information to avoid a system malfunction in the future. Keep an eye on your system to keep it in check and working as it should at all times.

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