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How Much are Swamp Coolers to Buy

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Swamp coolers, otherwise known as evaporative coolers, are excellent options to cool the air in an eco-friendly way. The southwestern climate is ideal for these coolers, due to the drier climate across the region. If you have been looking for a way to cool your home or office, you will likely want to know more about costs, from installation to maintenance, to truly understand the benefits they can bring.

How Much is a Swamp Cooler?

Swamp cooler prices can range from $500 up to $1600 or more. About one-third of this cost is a typical installation, while the other two-thirds are material costs. You have many options for materials, with your standard quality materials starting around $375, and the higher-quality materials running $1000 or more. This material cost can also depend on the overall size of the unit.

A cooler only has a few essential parts in order to function. The first of these is the housing that encases the system, essentially a large metal box. The main power element is the cooler motor, which will typically operate on 115/120v instead of 240v. Not only are the motors less expensive to purchase, but they are also more energy-efficient than those found in AC units. The other moving parts include a pulley system that helps to circulate the airflow through the system. The final important element is the water pump, which may need the most regular maintenance, depending on the hardness of the water used.

Professional design and installation are always recommended, to make sure that you have a unit that will function as intended in your space, and there won’t be any technical issues. You should also discuss how space is being used, as the cooling unit isn’t as effective for use in rooms that house a lot of technology or inventories that may corrode. You will also need to plan to install the unit in the fall when there is less demand because this can save you money on installation costs. The initial investment may seem high, but the cost of a cooling unit is much less than an AC unit.

How Much Will It Cost to Run?

The technology of a cooler is much more simple when compared to that of air conditioners, which is why they are so inexpensive to run. Some estimates show that it can cost about $0.26 per hour to run. Air conditioners use refrigeration to cool the air, regardless of the outdoor environment, and the internal technology is much more expensive to run, resulting in an average rate of about $1.13 per hour.

How Much are Swamp Coolers - How much will it cost to run

Are They Cheaper Than Air Conditioning?

The running costs of an evaporative cooler are much less than that of an AC unit, as are the installation costs. On average, an air conditioning unit can cost $5,000 or more to install.

The benefits of an evaporative cooling unit will go beyond the basics of installation and daily cost. The maintenance costs for a cooling unit are much lower than those of an equivalent air conditioning unit. You will need to keep the pads clean, which will be an easier, and cheap consideration. Additionally, when a swamp cooler breaks down, the issue is typically the fan motor. Many times, a homeowner can replace this part without professional service.

Swamp coolers are more eco-friendly than AC units, and using less electricity is just one cost-benefit. A cooling unit doesn’t take as much manufacturing as an AC, resulting in less of a carbon footprint than an AC. Additionally, evaporative coolers emit much less CO-2 than ACs.

How Long Does a Swamp Cooler Last?

Swamp coolers can last for years, with proper maintenance.

During the winter, you must disconnect the water source, clean the unit and hose it out to prevent rust. It’s generally recommended that the unit be covered in the winter. This also prevents outside airflow from coming into the building when the unit is not being used.

Additionally, the cooling pads should be changed at the end of the summer. These pads will contain various minerals and dirt that they have collected from the water. Changing those pads out at the end of the season saves you money because the minerals and dirt won’t be able to corrode the metal housing over the winter.

Find the Best Cooling Solution

Swamp coolers are a great alternative to air conditioning, and the environmental and economic benefits shouldn’t be ignored if you are looking for alternative options to stay cool. Contact us for more information about cooling products that will fit your needs.

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