Five Tips for Using Air Coolers to Keep Your Business Cool

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No matter the type of cooling system you use, you want to have good airflow, but this is particularly important with evaporative coolers (also called swamp coolers). A lack of proper air flow means your evaporative cooler cannot work as effectively as it should. The unit will have to work harder and longer to get your business down to a comfortable temperature, wasting money in the process.

If you have an evaporative cooler, read on. Below are five tips for using air coolers in Phoenix, AZ to keep your business nice and cool:

  • Check water and pads: An evaporative cooler works by evaporating water to cool the air. In order for your cooler to function properly it needs to have an adequate supply of water in the tank. Having a full tank of water also ensures that the pads are wet enough to be useful. Without a tank full of water and wet pads, the system just blows hot air out into your business space.
  • Let the cooler run before use: To get the most satisfyingly cool air to employees and customers inside your building, allow the cooler to run a bit before turning on the blower. Think of your evaporative cooler like a car engine—if you let your car’s engine warm up, it’ll run better than if you hit the road immediately after turning the key in the ignition. Waiting 15 minutes or so to turn on the blower gives the system time to let the water circulate and prime the pump.
  • Let the pump run: To keep your business comfortably cool when using an evaporative cooler, you must run the pump for 5 to 10 minutes before turning on the cooler all the way. This step allows the cooler pads to fully saturate. Now, the unit will be able to deliver the coolest air throughout your building. The result is faster, more efficient airflow.
  • Open the windows: Evaporative coolers function differently from central air conditioning systems. For this type of system to work, it needs to be able to pull air into the room or building. While it’s not necessary to open a window all the way, opening windows a couple inches allows for successful cross-ventilation and control of the airflow.
  • Clean the cooler regularly: You know you have to change or fill the water in the tank and replace pads as needed, but don’t forget to also clean the system on a regular basis. Just like any other cooling system, evaporative coolers can collect a dangerously high amount of dirt, dust, air pollutants and other unhealthy particles. Buildup makes the motor work harder, and sometimes the motor will stop working altogether. Develop and follow a regular cooler cleaning schedule to reduce the chance of a system malfunction.

With proper maintenance and use, your cooler should always work when you need it to. For more information about residential, commercial or industrial evaporative air coolers in Phoenix, AZ, don’t hesitate to contact the knowledgeable professionals at Premier Industries Inc.

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