Five Reasons Your Business Needs an Evaporative Cooling Unit

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If your power bills spike every summer, it is likely due to high air conditioning use. A commercial evaporative cooler in Phoenix, AZ can keep your business cool and do so for much less money than air conditioning. There are many options with evaporative coolers that will help your business stay cool and reduce expenses. Here are five reasons to install evaporative cooling in your business:

  • Brings in fresh air: Air brought in by air conditioning is heavily recirculated and often stale after being brought through the refrigeration system. Evaporative cooling brings in fresh air and keeps it fresh. This can improve the indoor air quality of your business, especially when you consider that office buildings in particular tend to become germ vectors. When you improve air quality, you will likely see fewer absences due to sick days and your workforce will be more productive.
  • Works well with air conditioning: The choice between evaporative cooling and air conditioning is not an either/or proposition—they also work well together. You can use the evaporative cooler at night or in the early morning, when outdoor temperatures are not as high.Then, when the temperatures spike, you can kick on the air conditioning. By limiting the use of air conditioning, you can reduce utility expenses and maintain air quality at your business.
  • Great for shops and garages: You can install evaporative cooling units where air conditioning is needed but not quite appropriate. Air conditioning needs an airtight space where outdoor air cannot leak in. Otherwise, it must work furiously to keep up with the intrusion of warm air.Evaporative cooling cannot operate without exposure to warmer hair, so it can cool down areas that are less insulated or more exposed to the outdoors. That can lower temperatures in shops and garages to more comfortable levels.
  • Perfect climate: Evaporative cooling units can only operate under specific conditions. They work by bringing in hot outdoor air and running it through a media with water that effectively cools the air as it is brought in. A blower distributes this cooled air and causes a cooling effect.Since the process depends on bringing air through the water media, humidity must be low. Otherwise, it is impossible to cool the air through the evaporative cooler. Phoenix, being a desert city, offers the perfect climate for the process to work.
  • Save money: Evaporative cooling units are less expensive to install and run. It costs around half as much as air conditioning to install and $0.26 per hour to run. Air conditioning costs approximately $1.13 per hour to run.That is why even limiting evaporative cooling to morning and night can make a big difference. Those who use evaporative cooling only part time still see up to a 75 percent savings in their cooling costs.

If a commercial evaporative cooler in Phoenix, AZ seems like the perfect addition to your business, Premier Industries Inc. is here to help. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and see what evaporative cooling can do for you.

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