5 Reasons to Buy a Portable Evaporative Cooling Unit for Your Family

5 Reasons to Buy a Portable Evaporative Cooling Unit for Your Family

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If you’re looking to save on your utility bills, portable evaporative coolers in Phoenix, AZ are a good place to start. Many homeowners buy them as a replacement for air conditioning systems or to supplement them. They may be a good option for you as well, especially if you are looking to reduce your monthly expenses or improve air quality in your home. Here are five reasons to buy a portable evaporative cooling unit for your home:

  • #1 Improve air quality: Air conditioners recirculate the same stale air. That allows for allergens to travel more, and if you have pets, you are essentially moving their hair and dander between rooms. It is like being inside an airplane where the same old air keeps being reintroduced to the environment.Air quality is often linked to viruses, fatigue and allergies, so improving it can make everyone at home feel better. Since evaporative coolers bring in fresh air from the outside and do not recirculate, they improve indoor air quality. It is like airing out your house and cooling it at the same time.
  • #2 Increase humidity: While no one enjoys the heavy humidity that makes you feel like you are breathing underwater, some humidity is beneficial. The desert conditions often lead to breathing struggles and dry skin. Many folks complain of rashes, allergies, asthma and itchy skin.While there is not much that can be done about this when people are outside, you can create a better environment inside. An evaporative cooler can bring in humidity while also creating cooler conditions.
  • #3 Reduce utility bills: Evaporative cooling systems incur half the expenses of air conditioning each month and are cheaper to install. A portable unit is self-containing and requires no installation—just move it to whichever room needs cooling the most. Due to their need for dry air, evaporative coolers work well when daytime temperatures exceed 100 degrees.This can save you money on the hottest days, or you can decide to only run it during cooler mornings or nights. Either way, you could see utility savings of up to 75 percent each month.
  • #4 Easy maintenance: As long as you keep up with some easy maintenance steps, your evaporative cooler will never require the extensive repairs that are sometimes necessary for air conditioning. Keep the reservoirs emptied of excess water and wash cooler pads with soap and water.You can change the filters to help the cooler run better and create better air quality. Once a year, clean up the sediment and mineral buildup, and you will likely never have problems.
  • #5 Reduce noise: Evaporative coolers can be used in every room in your house. Even if you need to cool a home office or nursery, there will be no noise disturbance. Fans can become especially noisy, so this is often a welcome feature to this air conditioning alternative.

If you are interested in portable evaporative coolers, speak with Premier Industries for some helpful advice. Contact us today to see what will work best for your home.

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