When Should Swamp Cooler Pads Be Replaced?

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A swamp cooler, also called an evaporative cooler, is a device that cools the indoor air through the evaporation of water. If you own a swamp cooler, then you are likely aware of just how easy evaporative cooler parts in Phoenix, AZ are to use and maintain, as well as the important role played by the swamp cooler pads. The pad is a type of filter that acts as a channel for the cooled air to pass through and a barrier to prevent water from spilling out, which makes indoor living spaces more comfortable to be in.

An evaporative cooler is a great way to cool your home during the warmer months, but it’s a type of cooling system that still requires regular maintenance and service. This includes replacing the pad on a regular schedule. It’s important for you to know when to replace your swamp cooler pad, as well as how often you should change it. Read on if you own a swamp cooler!

Be aware of a reduction in the airflow

If there is a noticeable decrease in the volume and coldness of the air coming from your swamp cooler, then you should check the swamp cooler pad to see if it needs to be changed. Because this pad is a type of filter, it regularly collects and gets clogged up with particles and debris, rendering it unable to function efficiently. The pad is the first thing you should check when there’s a reduction in the airflow. Replace the pad, but call a specialist if the new pad doesn’t fix the problem.

Know the different types of pad materials

Did you know there are many different types of swamp cooler pads that are made from a variety of materials? The type of material that makes up the pad affects the way the pad performs and its lifespan. Some pads need to be replaced annually, while other pads could potentially perform well for many years. For instance, newer pad materials like melamine paper and plastic need to be replaced every cooling season, while wool pads last a long time before they need replacing.

Which pad material is the best one for your home or commercial building? Start by referring to the manufacturer’s recommendation for your particular swamp cooler system. If you are still not sure which cooling pad suits your specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact Premier Industries Inc. or your local evaporative cooler specialist for assistance.

Get annual service for swamp cooler parts

Even though your swamp cooler may not be as elaborate as a central air conditioning system, it still needs annual maintenance. This ensures it will last a long time, free of problems and always producing cool air. Many people schedule annual service with a professional who’ll make sure that all parts are working correctly and the pad is in good condition. However, you can make a note to change the pad yourself on a specific date each year.

Feel free to contact the team at Premier Industries Inc. to learn more about evaporative cooler parts in Phoenix, AZ!

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