Why Use Evaporative Coolers Instead of Air Conditioners

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Evaporative cooling devices are not new things. In fact, they have been around for a long time, and remain a popular method of indoor cooling in many areas around the country. Evaporative coolers work best in climates that are hot and dry. It is for this reason that you must contact a local expert in the field who can tell you if you can benefit from an evaporative cooler where you live. Otherwise, it won’t be as efficient or effective as it could be, even if you set it up and attempt to use it properly.

With that in mind, here are some good reasons why you might consider using swamp coolers in Phoenix, AZ instead of an air conditioning system.

Inexpensive to own

The first thing to note is that not only are evaporative coolers extremely efficient, they also cost less to run and maintain than traditional air conditioners. Two more huge pluses are how inexpensive it is to install one of these coolers in your home and the fact that maintenance is minimal—they really only need seasonal checks instead of monthly. With AC systems, the air filter requires regular cleanings or replacement, and ductwork needs inspections. Since evaporative coolers are so economical, they make for an ideal home cooling option for many people.

Introduces moisture into the air

The cooling technology of evaporative coolers in Phoenix, AZ introduces moisture into the air for a specific purpose: to effectively cool down your home, room or office through the process of evaporation. Without moisture circulating throughout a space that’s already in a hot and dry climate, your skin and eyes would dry out a lot. Such as the case if you use a traditional air conditioner in such a climate. Because of the moisture injected into the air by evaporative coolers, allergy sufferers and those with other kinds of diagnosed respiratory issues may experience less severe symptoms.

Better air quality

Unlike regular air conditioning systems that re-circulate indoor air, evaporative coolers work by bringing outside air in to circulate throughout your home or building. This means you are breathing in the freshest air possible, ensuring the new cool air doesn’t go stale on you. Now, with a traditional AC unit, if you open the doors and windows, all you’re doing is letting energy and money fly out and the hot air in. But evaporative coolers thrive on outdoor air, so they can still operate efficiently with the windows and doors open.

Not an energy sucker

If environmental concerns are on your mind, know that many traditional air conditioning units release carbon dioxide into the world, while evaporative coolers only emit low levels of carbon dioxide. Also, evaporative coolers use less energy, making them better for the environment and helping to keep your monthly energy costs down.

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