When to Replace Swamp Cooler Pads

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Swamp coolers can be an incredibly effective method of home cooling, but they can quickly become less effective unless they are properly maintained. In addition to having your unit serviced and inspected on a regular basis by a trained cooling technician, it is important that you regularly change your swamp cooler pads in Phoenix, AZ. These pads are essential when it comes to the ability of your system to cool your home or business effectively, and if you fail to replace them when needed, it can result in a system that doesn’t work the way it should.

Standard replacement timeline

Even though the need for replacement is dependent on several different factors, there are certain guidelines that you can follow to help you determine a general replacement schedule for your swamp cooler pads. During the summer, or during any month of the year when your cooler is used continuously, it is advised that you have your swamp cooler pads in Phoenix, AZ changed once a month. You can change your water pads and your filter at the same time every month since they will both generally need to be replaced with the same frequency.

At the end of the cooling season, a final draining and cleaning of your swamp cooler should be done, along with replacement of the cooler pads. While monthly replacement is a good rule of thumb, there may be situations where replacement should be done more frequently, and there are certain indicators to look out for.

Additional signs that replacement is needed

Swamp cooler pads in Phoenix, AZ that need to be replaced can negatively impact airflow and cooling capabilities. When you use your swamp cooler, air flows into the unit and through the pads and filters along with any debris, dust and particles that might be floating around in the air. These contaminants build up over time and cause strained airflow through your unit. If you notice that air is not passing through your unit freely, or if cooling is inefficient, it could be a sign that your pads need to be replaced.

You can also determine whether your pads need to be replaced by performing a visual inspection. You won’t need to do anything too in-depth; simply take a look at the inside of your swamp cooler and observe the condition of your cooling pads. Fraying, decreased thickness or clear signs of debris buildup indicate that replacement is necessary in order to maintain a cooling unit that operates efficiently and cools effectively.

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