The Differences Between Residential and Industrial HVAC Systems

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Most people know that there is a difference between industrial and residential cooling needs, but are unclear on the exact differences between residential and industrial HVAC service and systems. Understanding a little bit more about the differences between these two types of HVAC systems and services can help you know what to expect the next time you need to get service for your home or business.

Residential HVAC systems

Residential HVAC systems typically consist of two parts. This split system features an external unit, or condensing unit, and an indoor unit, also known as the air handling unit. The external condensing unit is placed outside the home on a concrete slab and contains a compressor, exhaust fan and coolant lines. The air handling unit is responsible for circulating both cold and warm air through the home and contains the furnace, evaporator coils and a blower. Coolant lines carry coolant between the two units, which cools down the coils inside the air handler. The blower forces air through the unit, where it is cooled by the coils. Then, the system brings the air back into the air handling unit, where it is pushed out through a home’s ductwork to regulate indoor temperature.

Industrial HVAC

While industrial HVAC systems typically have many of the same functions and components as residential systems, they also have several key distinctions. Most industrial systems include all of the HVAC components and parts in a single system rather than in two individual units. Since the system is contained in a single unit, it is far more versatile than a typical two-part residential system. An industrial evaporative cooler in Phoenix, AZ, meanwhile can be moved around the facility as needed depending on the specific cooling needs that apply on any given day.

Because industrial HVAC systems are different from residential systems, it’s important to invest in professional service from a technician who has experience with industrial HVAC maintenance. They will be able to provide the best services possible to ensure that your system continues operating the way it should. The same goes for residential systems—an HVAC technician who has worked with a lot of residential HVAC systems before will be better able to assist you.

Regardless of which type of system you have, it’s essential to keep up on regular maintenance and invest in necessary ac repairs. Caring for your residential or industrial evaporative cooler in Phoenix, AZ will keep it running effectively and efficiently for years to come.

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