The Benefits of a Portable Evaporative Cooler

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If you’re living in a home that doesn’t have central air, there’s a good chance you’re spending a lot of time in whichever room has the window-mounted AC unit during the hot and humid summer months. But being confined to the rooms of your home with window coolers is no way to live! There has to be a better way to enjoy cooler temperatures in your home, without spending the money to have central air installed.

In fact, there is! For many homeowners, the solution to this problem comes in the form of a portable evaporative cooler in Phoenix, AZ. These units can be wheeled around from room to room wherever you’re going to be spending time in your home and wherever they are, they’ll provide cool, comfortable, humidified air to you.

Take a look at some of the chief benefits that can come with a portable evaporative cooling device and why you might think about getting one for the upcoming summer months:

  • Far and away the biggest benefit is the cost of these units. Rather than spending thousands on a central AC unit or hundreds on numerous window units throughout your home, the cost of most portable evaporative units is a couple hundred dollars (at most). For a single, one-time investment, you’ll get ongoing, mobile relief from the heat.
  • Portability is obviously an exceptional benefit of these units, as they can literally be wheeled freely around your home. Planning on spending some time in the kitchen? No problem: park it in the corner! Want to watch TV in the living room? Set it up near your chair! Where you go, the evaporative cooler will follow.
  • The humidification properties of the evaporative cooler will provide you with an additional benefit that AC units simply cannot: hydrated air. Dry heat has averse effects on even the most resilient people—being able to cool the air and add moisture to it will keep you in good spirits and good health while you ride out the heat wave.
  • Your cost of operation for an evaporative cooler is going to be substantially lower than any AC unit setup you might have. The efficiency benefits alone are enough to consider this over an AC unit!
  • Finally, you’re not going to have to live in a cave this summer! A portable evaporative cooler in Phoenix, AZ is going to operate even if you leave a window open or keep the shades open. You won’t have to miss out on a gentle summer breeze or the beauty of a fine day because your AC unit needs an enclosed space to function properly—the evaporative cooler is going to give you the best of both worlds.

Rather than having to choose between comfort and coolness this summer, it’s time to start thinking about how to get the best of both worlds. A portable evaporative cooling unit is a good place to start and it’ll certainly keep you cool, comfortable and happy in your home.

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