Take Care of Industrial Evaporative Cooler Maintenance

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As a business owner, preventative maintenance for your building and equipment is important if you want to avoid problems and costly repair bills. For example, your industrial building may have a rooftop evaporative cooler installation. It requires seasonal maintenance—even during the offseason—to ensure its integrity and function, because when temperatures begin to rise, you want your cooler to work properly to keep your employees and customers comfortable and your equipment and products safe from excessive heat.

Here are some tips for industrial evaporative cooler maintenance in Phoenix, AZ and steps to follow to prepare for the warm season ahead.

Steps to prepare your cooler for use

Without air conditioning, the summer months (and spring for some parts of the country) can be unbearable. Get your cooler ready now by doing the following:

  • Check the pads: Pads that are old or haven’t been used in awhile will dry out and turn brittle. This makes absorbing water difficult, which means the unit cannot cool down your workspace. Replace with manufacturer recommended pads.
  • Inspect the motor belt: The belt shouldn’t have cracks or splits. To function properly, the belt needs to be smooth and free of damage.
  • Remove rust: Rooftop coolers are exposed to the elements, which leads to rust. Rust will eat away at the cooling unit and send allergens through ductwork, so rub it off with steel wool and follow up with a clear coat to seal up the spot.
  • Clear away debris: With winter winds come dirt, leaves, sticks, garbage and other outdoor debris. All this can block the unit’s airflow. Remove all debris that’s around and on top of the unit to avoid damage and to encourage clean air.
  • Check hardware: Make sure all nuts, bolts, fasteners, pads and more are secured to the unit and rooftop. Do this to ensure the unit won’t fall apart while in operation.
  • Add fresh water: You don’t want your cooler to operate on dirty, moldy water. Fill the chamber with fresh water up to the water line.

Cooler care tips

Regular care equals maximum efficiency and cool air all season long. Keep your evaporative cooler working at its best by taking the following actions:

  • Crack a window: Evaporative coolers work best when windows or doors are cracked open. Cracking the window allows for proper ventilation without overworking the fan.
  • Get the pump going first: Most coolers have two switches: the fan and the pump. Run the pump for a few minutes to get the pads soaked with fresh water before starting the fan.
  • Replace the pads: Dirty pads can restrict airflow, so regularly change the pads to get rid of collected outdoor dirt and debris.
  • Hire a pro: Whether it’s a plumber for water flow problems or a technician for evaporative cooler maintenance, enlist professional help for inspections and repairs.

Don’t forget to spring clean your cooling system! But remember, while there are some parts you can maintain yourself, others may need the skilled touch of a professional evaporative cooling technician. No matter what type of industrial evaporative cooler maintenance in Phoenix, AZ you might need, the knowledgeable team at Premier Industries Inc. will work hard to get it done. Contact us this spring—or anytime!

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