Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Evaporative Cooler

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Evaporative coolers are often the most cost-effective method for cooling a building in a dry climate like Arizona. In fact, some estimates indicate an evaporative cooler will use about 10 to 30 percent of the energy that a standard air conditioner uses in its cooling processes. You’ll see these pieces of equipment all throughout the state.

If you’re the owner of a commercial evaporative cooler in Maricopa County, AZ, it’s important that you know exactly what types of maintenance practices you need to stay on top of. Here are some tips from our team of professionals to help you keep your evaporative cooler in great operating condition for many years to come:

  • Keep it clean: Cleaning the exterior of the unit is a good way to maintain its cooling efficiency while also increasing its lifespan. It’s a quick and easy process you can perform about once a month or so. You can wipe down the surface of the cooler with a soft, damp cloth while it’s not currently running—make sure you avoid using any chemicals or detergents that could cause damage to the unit.
  • Replace cooling pads: The cooling pads are one of the most important parts of your evaporative cooler, so it’s important to make sure you’ve always got cooling pads that are in good condition. They should absolutely be replaced at the beginning of summer each year, but should also be checked any time you perform midseason maintenance. If the pads are cracked, they’ll definitely need to be replaced, but there’s also a possibility they need to be replaced if the unit isn’t getting your building as cool as it did before. Make sure you clean out the pad frame every time you replace your cooling pads to get rid of any dirt and scale that’s built up on it.
  • Clean out the water tank: Do your best to keep the water tank in your evaporative cooler clean. If you have hard water in your area, this is especially important, because more mineral deposits will build up inside of it. You can simply rinse out the tank with a mixture of water and a mild soap or detergent.
  • Treat the water: There are water treatment tablets you can purchase that are made specifically for evaporative coolers. Your manufacturer may recommend specific types of tablets in your manual. These tablets help control corrosion and freshen the air while preventing buildup of unwanted mineral deposits.
  • Maintain correct water levels: Check the water levels in the system every now and then to make sure the water is at the proper level in the tank. The water line should come just a little bit below the top of the tank. If it’s not at the right level, you can adjust the float arm to the proper position.

These are just a few tips to help you keep your commercial evaporative cooler in Maricopa County, AZ in good condition and operating the way it should. Contact Premier Industries Inc. with any questions you have for our experts!

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