4 Reasons to Consider a Commercial Evaporative Cooler

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The requirement of keeping commercial and industrial sites cool in summer, and even on some days during the winter, is never going away. However, if you are concerned about the cost of cooling, it may be time to look into purchasing a commercial evaporative cooler in Phoenix, AZ for your business. The climate here is perfect for this type of cooling, and it can save you money, too. Here are four reasons why you should give this serious consideration.

Reduced cooling costs

The monthly utility bill is a source of dread for many business owners. If you have an active shop with machinery, computers or large manufacturing systems, running air conditioning becomes a large part of your expenses, especially when summer days hit.

One way you can reduce the sticker shock is by switching out your air conditioning for an alternative. Evaporative coolers are not only perfect for dry environments, but they also use only one third the amount of energy while cooling your premises effectively. You can keep your work sites cool and your workers happy without dreading your power bill every month.

Great for unconventional environments

Many types of commercial buildings become toasty hot, with no options for cooling other than box fans. After all, you are unlikely to consider an air conditioning system for a barn, storage area, metal shop or airplane hangar. Even a window AC unit seems to be an extravagance.

When you maintain work areas that are less insulated or airtight, air conditioning is not only expensive but also unlikely to work well. However, evaporative coolers are perfect for these environments. They work best when doors and windows are open and airflow is constant, meaning these basic structures that lack insulation will not phase it. Hot air entering the indoors helps rather than hinders the evaporative cooler. You will enjoy better cooling despite doors and windows left open, people constantly entering and exiting and buildings that leak like sieves.

Low maintenance

Evaporative coolers consist of simple technology and no refrigerants. This makes them a low-maintenance, non-toxic option. All you really need to do is clean them and switch out the pads. These are tasks you can complete yourself, or you can hire a technician to visit and take care of it for you. Overall, there are fewer parts to break down, so catastrophic failure on the hottest day of the year is unlikely with evaporative coolers.

Commercial models are available

While most evaporative coolers come in window units, there are larger options that are made for industrial purposes. Your retailer can help you determine if you can install a centralized system, or if one large unit will do. Even if you end up going with a series of window units, you are still likely to spend less than you would on air conditioning or decreased productivity.

To learn more about purchasing a commercial evaporative cooler in Phoenix, AZ for your industrial premises, contact Premier Industries Inc today to begin exploring the options available for your situation.

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