Choosing Between an AC Unit and a Mobile Evaporative Cooler

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It may be cooling off now, but Arizona natives know that it won’t be too long before things start to heat back up again. If you felt like you were constantly looking for ways to cool down your home over the summer, you might already be considering some cooling options. The good news is that there are lots of different options on the market that can help keep your home comfortable when the weather heats up. The bad news is that it can be overwhelming to sort through all of your choices, and if you select something that isn’t quite right for your cooling needs, you could be left dealing with another uncomfortable summer.

If you’re thinking about a portable option, you’ll have to choose between an AC unit and a mobile evaporative cooler in Arizona. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages that you should think about before making a purchase:

  • Function: The difference between a standard AC unit and an evaporative cooler lies in their operation. AC cools air through a refrigeration cycle, while an evaporative cooler uses the process of evaporation to treat and cool air. The primary input into an evaporative cooler is water, while an AC unit takes in more electricity to promote the refrigeration process.
  • Maneuverability: Both of these systems can be purchased in easy-to-move designs that can be shifted and maneuvered between different rooms depending on where you need cooling the most.
  • Efficiency: When it comes to energy efficiency, evaporative coolers win out over AC units by leaps and bounds. In fact, evaporative coolers use about 75 percent less electricity than standard AC units. This is an important thing to consider, since heating and cooling costs account for such a large portion of energy consumption within a home.
  • Humidity: AC units will actually dehumidify air through the cooling process, while evaporative coolers add humidity to the air. It’s a good idea to consider your climate when choosing between the two. If you live in a humid climate, an AC unit might be better, while an evaporative cooler may be better suited to a dry climate.
  • Cost: Evaporative coolers are inexpensive to purchase and maintain. Even though you may find an affordable AC option, the cost savings that you will experience over time thanks to the energy efficiency of evaporative coolers will likely outweigh the initial savings associated with an AC purchase.

Purchase a mobile evaporative cooler in Arizona

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