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How Much Does It Cost to Install an Evaporative Cooling Unit?

January 12, 2021 4:52 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

If you are thinking about installing an evaporative cooling unit, then you need to make sure that you find the right cooler to meet your needs. There are plenty of evaporative cooling units from which to choose, so you should look at some of the helpful information below that we have put together. What are a few of the most important points that you must keep in mind if you are looking for an evaporative cooling unit? What are the Different Types of Swamp Coolers on the Market? First, you should note that there are three separate types of evaporative... View Article

Commercial Evaporative Coolers - Cooling Towers

Best Place to Buy an Evaporative Cooler (Based Upon Your Needs)

January 5, 2021 4:48 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

If you are looking for a way to cool your home, you need to take the time to evaluate all your options. Two of the most common options are evaporative cooling units and traditional air conditioners.  Depending on the space in which you live or work, one might work better for you than the other. Therefore, it is a good idea to learn more about evaporative cooling units and understand how these options compare to traditional air conditioners. What are a few of the most important points to keep in mind? Evaporative Cooling vs Air Conditioning, what is the Difference?... View Article

How to Fix an Evaporative Cooler Not Blowing Cold Air

September 7, 2020 7:41 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When you’re in the middle of a heat wave and your swamp cooler goes on the fritz, it can leave you frustrated and uncomfortable. However, there are only a few basic reasons why this would happen, so it should be fairly easy to quickly troubleshoot the issue and find out what’s wrong. In most cases, there will be a simple solution which you can manage yourself, to get the unit back in service and once again blowing cold air.   How Swamp Coolers Work A swamp cooler operates on the same basic principle as the way sweat works in cooling... View Article


What’s More Cost-Effective, Swamp Cooling or Air Conditioning?

August 31, 2020 6:49 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

 How Evaporative Coolers Use Energy An evaporative cooler system uses the process of evaporating water into the air. This works very effectively in low-humidity areas. This can be a very energy-efficient way of cooling a space. These systems are sometimes referred to as swamp coolers. This system works by cooling outdoor airflow that passes over water-saturated pads. The water is then evaporated. Once it has passed through, the air is 15-40 degrees cooler and can be directed into the space being cooled. As the cooler airflow is being pushed into space, warmer air is then pushed out through windows. When... View Article

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Swamp Cooler All Day?

August 24, 2020 6:22 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Swamp coolers are an option for many homeowners.  This article will help you understand how they work and costs associated with their operation.  Swamp coolers are more often used in states where the weather is drier such as Arizona, Utah and Nevada.  But how do they work? How Swamp Coolers Work Swamp coolers use a process called evaporative cooling, meaning that it uses moisture to cool the air.  It takes warm air, puts it through wet evaporative cooler pads to produce cool air.  This air is then circulated through the home by a blower motor and vents.  The swamp cooling... View Article