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4 Tips to Beating the Summer Heat Without an AC

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If your home does not have central air conditioning, keeping cool in the summer months can be a struggle. It is essential to keep your home comfortable as temperatures continue to rise to avoid dangerous conditions as a result of the heat. Issues like heat stroke and heat exhaustion can happen quickly in the right conditions, so keeping your home cool is vital.

Beating the summer without an AC does not have to leave you sweating. At Premier Industries Inc., we specialize in installing evaporative coolers for homeowners and businesses alike. These state-of-the-art coolers are built to be energy-efficient and offer a perfect alternative to air conditioning in dry climates.

We will show you four of our favorite ways to keep cool during the summer when your home is without air conditioning. Ranging from opening some windows, finding better curtains, or contacting Premier Industries Inc. to learn more about the evaporative coolers to see which solution works best for your space.

Increase Air Circulation

Stall air on its own does not contribute to temperature control in your home. However, still air in your home will make you feel hotter. If you notice that certain rooms in the house are always hotter than others, try increasing the airflow to those rooms.

You can do this by adding fans to critical points of the home. Box fans, standing fans, and even ceiling fans can get the air moving and help make your home more comfortable without air conditioning.

Anywhere you can increase the airflow throughout the space will make your home more comfortable, and it can help to reduce the stagnation in the air. Try to keep doors open throughout the house and your fans on all day.

If you are still noticing that the heat is rising in your home, try opening some windows and doors to introduce fresh air to the space. Even if the outdoor temperature is the same as it is indoors, opening the windows can help things to feel cooler, thanks to the breeze.

Humidity Control

If you live in a humid climate, the additional moisture in the air can make it difficult to get cool because there is too much water in the air. One of the best ways to beat the heat is by controlling the humidity in your home. You can do this in a number of ways.

Evaporation is what makes mildly humid environments feel cooler than dry heat. However, when the humidity is too high, there is no way for the water to evaporate off your skin, so you are left feeling hot and sticky.

These types of climates benefit from air conditioners the most because the AC pulls moisture out of the air, leaving the home with cool, dry air that is cooled to perfection.

In a dry environment, adding moisture to the air will create a soothing, cooling effect instead. This type of humidity control works by adding just enough moisture to the air to hit your skin and give you that refreshing, misted, cooling effect you would experience from the spray of a distant waterfall.

Evaporative Cooling

Many families are finding that evaporative coolers are the best way to beat the heat without an AC, especially if you live in the southwest, where summers are dry, and the heat can hit extremes during the middle of the day.

Home evaporation coolers or home swamp coolers are the perfect way to keep your space cooled without an air conditioner. These coolers work by pulling fresh air through wet pads inside the unit, which adds water to the air.

The moisture in the air then feels cooler against your skin because it causes evaporation to occur, which is a naturally cooling process. As the water evaporates off of your skin, it cools it, leaving you feeling more comfortable in no time.

Additionally, the home evaporation coolers are energy-efficient and easy to operate, so they are a perfect solution for keeping cool on the hottest summer days. These types of coolers are much better suited for dry climates like the southwest because the air is not saturated with humidity already.

Window Blinds and Curtains

Although opening windows and doors to increase airflow is a fantastic way to help cool your space, one thing you will want to watch is where the sun is coming into your home. If you have a side of your home where the sun pours in during the afternoon, be sure to close the blinds and curtains.

The additional heat from direct sunlight will likely offset any cooling from the open window, so it is best to opt for closing up that side of the home. If possible, close off the room that gets the most direct sunlight and do not reopen it until the sun has gone down.

The closed blinds, curtains, and doors will help to create a barrier between the heat and the rest of the house, which can help you to get cool faster in other areas of the home. You can decrease the amount of heat entering your home further by getting blackout curtains or insulated blinds.

Final Thoughts

If you are struggling to keep your space comfortable during the summertime in a home without air conditioning, you are probably going to need to get creative with your methods of keeping cool. Increasing the airflow in your space and opening windows are easy solutions but not always the most effective.

Using fans, blackout curtains, and home evaporative coolers to beat the summer heat without an AC are some of the most effective solutions. These options are best used in dry heat, so they are ideal for homes in California, Nevada, Arizona, and other areas of the southwest.

Contact us today to find the perfect cooling solution for your home, business, barn, or patio! We will help you create a comfortable space to enjoy during even the hottest summer days.

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