Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Evaporative Cooler Pads

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Looking for one of the most effective ways to cool your home in a dry environment like Arizona? Consider using evaporative coolers. These popular solutions are easy to maintain, introduce moisture into the air while cooling it and generally make the environment much more comfortable for human habitation.

You’ll find an evaporative cooler is a better option than other air conditioning equipment in Arizona, as it provides fresh air and gets rid of any impure, stale air. As a result, you’ll get better, more comfortable air that is also guaranteed to be of a higher quality.

If you do use evaporative cooler pads in Phoenix, AZ already, here are some tips to help you get the most effective use out of them.

Clean the cooler pads

Keeping the cooler pad cleaned and well maintained will help you extend the life of the system so it can last you for years to come. This will help you save a whole lot of money in the long run, and also help you achieve more effective cooling for your home. Here are the steps to cleaning the pads:

  • Remove the pads, making sure the evaporative cooler is turned off before you do so. Your owner’s manual should provide you with instructions for removing the pads.
  • Clean the pads with water. Turn on a hose and let the water gently run through the pads to remove all debris. Keep pouring water on the pads until you no longer see dirty water running out.
  • Once you’ve finished this process, clean out the inside of the cooler. Keep the cooler on, but turn off the fan. Pour vinegar into the cooler’s pan, and let the pump run for about an hour, then drain out the vinegar and let clear water run through the pump.

Replace worn out cooler pads

If you’ve never replaced your cooler pads before, you’ll discover there eventually comes a time when you will need to do this. Most swamp coolers will have to be opened up so you can get access to the cooling pads. If you find it difficult to open up the machine, your owner’s manual will give you some specific processes to follow.

Once you’ve accessed the cooling pads, you’ll need to purchase new ones. They shouldn’t be difficult to find, but you should make sure you have the correct measurements before purchasing new ones so you don’t accidentally get the wrong size. You want to make sure you’re getting pads that perfectly fit your system.

Installing the new pads should also be a simple process. All you need to do at this point is remove the mesh, since you’ve already removed the cooler cover. Just make sure you never install the new cooling pads as is—you should clean the housing, install the pad and put the mesh back in place.

For more information about how you can get the most out of your evaporative cooler pads in Phoenix, AZ, contact Premier Industries Inc. today.

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