Maintenance Tips for Evaporative Coolers

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Over the years, many people have turned to evaporative coolers when they are looking for a more affordable, efficient way to keep their homes cool. During the warmer months, it is important for people to stay cool and comfortable, so they may be using their cooler every day. Since daily use occurs, it is necessary for the unit to be running efficiently at all times, which can require some regular maintenance to accomplish.

Homeowners with swamp coolers in Phoenix, AZ should take note of the many things they can do if they want to properly maintain their units:

  • Check water level: Your evaporative cooler needs water to function. However, there is a certain amount that it needs. Your unit will have a water line in the tray that tells you what this level should be, so this is something you should be checking regularly. If there is an issue with the water level, whether it is too low or too high, you can do some adjusting to make sure you stay cool and avoid the heat.
  • Check and replace cooler pads: This cooling system needs various things to keep it working so well, and that includes cooling pads. These pads are where the unit gets the water that is used to keep you cool and the air clean, so they need to be free of dirt. If they are worn and dirty, very little filtering can occur, so checking and changing them regularly is a good idea.
  • Clean the water pan: The water found in the water pan will eventually find its way to your cooler pads. If it is already dirty, it can make things difficult for the cooling pads when they are trying to do their job. Whenever you have the chance, remove your unit’s panels and quickly check to see if there is any dirt or debris in the pan’s bottom, and remove it before use.
  • Inspect switches and electrical wiring: Your evaporative cooler has electrical wiring and various switches that lend a hand in its operation. Sometimes, these things can be damaged, stop working or malfunction for any reason. It is important to inspect your unit’s wiring and switches just so you can be sure everything is in good condition. But you should address any issues immediately to ensure it won’t disrupt the cool air or affect your safety.

Evaporative coolers have several benefits that people find rewarding, which is why they are so popular. Similar to your car, furnace and other appliances you own and want to last, your cooler needs to be maintained if you expect it to last its lifespan and keep you cool on those hot summer days. People may not believe what a little bit of maintenance can do, but if they can avoid any huge, costly repairs, they will be thankful that they took the time out to complete these small, yet important tasks.

Owners of evaporative coolers in Phoenix, AZ can contact the pros at Premier Industries Inc. if they have questions or need assistance with their units.

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