Important Maintenance Tips for Your Swamp Cooler

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Just like most household appliances, evaporative water coolers in Phoenix, AZ need year-round maintenance and inspections. The good news is that these maintenance tasks are fairly simple and can be performed by anyone with a can-do attitude and a little spare time on their hands. Continue reading to learn a few of the maintenance items that you can perform by yourself:

  • Pad replacement: The pads in your swamp cooler need to be routinely checked and replaced due to mineral deposits left behind by hard water. These calcium deposits cause the pads to be less efficient and can cause rust on metal coolers, thus shortening their lifespan. The two main types of pads are fiber and rigid sheet. Fiber pads should be replaced every year or two. The good news is that these are inexpensive to replace, and can be reused if you flip them upside down. Rigid sheet pads are the thicker and more expensive option, but they don’t need to be replaced as often.
  • Clean: A clean swamp cooler is a happy swamp cooler! Every spring, remove the panels and clean out any debris left in the water pan. A thorough cleaning ensures clean air and a longer-lasting unit.
  • Check the running parts: How does the motor look? How about the pump? Is there any rust, or does it look like the parts are starting to wear down? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” you may want to have them replaced before they stop working!
  • Lubricate: It’s a good idea to put a bit of oil on the blower and the motor. If your unit is properly lubricated, it’s more likely to run smoothly throughout the summer.
  • Inspect water level: In the middle of the summer, it’s a good idea to check the water level in the tray. The water should be about one inch below the top of the tray, and below the top of the overflow pipe. You may need to adjust the float arm if the water level is too high or too low.

Why is maintenance important?

Maintaining your swamp cooler is as important as it is easy! Here are a few of the reasons why you should maintain your system regularly:

  • Prolong its lifespan: You want your swamp cooler to last as long as possible, so you should get proactive and perform the maintenance duties mentioned above. You can add years to the life of your unit by simply checking up on your swamp cooler and making repairs when necessary.
  • Prevent breakdowns: Your evaporative cooler doesn’t have that many working parts, which means breakdowns should be few and far between. That said, the motor or pump can stop working, which means you’ll be without cool air. A quick inspection can determine whether or not a pro needs to come replace any broken parts.

If you’re unable or unwilling to perform any of the maintenance tips discussed above, just call Premier Industries Inc.! Nobody beats us when it comes to maintaining and repairing evaporative water coolers in Phoenix, AZ.

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