Save Money by Using an Evaporative Cooler

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In hot, dry climates, staying cool is a typical concern. Thanks to modern appliances, cooling systems help homeowners and business owners stay cool on some of the hottest days. However, refrigerated air units can come at a steep price. Luckily, there is an older and cost-effective method available: evaporative cooling.

Evaporative cooling is a process best used in dry climates because of the way moisture evaporates in air. The process cools your home, business or other space naturally, and even better, can save you lots of money on energy costs! By installing an evaporative cooler in Phoenix, AZ, you’re preparing your property to be cooled comfortably without breaking the bank.

What is evaporative cooling?

Air lacking in moisture has the ability to pick up moisture and evaporate it, removing some of the hot air and lowering the overall temperature in the space. This process is often explained with the process of sweating. When sweat evaporates off your body in dry air, you are able to cool down.

An evaporative cooler uses the same principle to cool the air in your home or business. The unit includes a reservoir of water, evaporative pads and a fan to blow air. The reservoir or water pump saturates the evaporative pads with water as the fan pulls hot air in, blowing it over the pads. The evaporating process occurs and the overall temperature of the room is lowered. Moisture is also circulated through the air, providing more comfort in typically arid climates.

Evaporative coolers come in many sizes and can also be portable, allowing you to bring your unit with you to other rooms or even outside to garage or workshop spaces as needed.

How an evaporative cooler in Phoenix, AZ can help you save

Installing an evaporative cooler in your home or business can save you a lot of money in energy costs. Here’s how:

  • Uses less energy: Evaporative coolers use significantly less energy to run than refrigerated air units do. A normal evaporative cooler unit can cost around 10 cents per hour to run, whereas a refrigerated air unit typically costs almost four times as much! This is because the units are simpler, requiring far less energy.
  • Lower installation costs: The cost of installing an evaporative cooler can be less than half of the cost to install a refrigerated air unit. Evaporative coolers are constructed of much simpler mechanical parts and typically have a lower per-unit cost.
  • Portability: If you purchase a small portable evaporative cooling unit, you can take it with you from room to room or even outside to a garage, workspace or other area to help cool you down. This means you don’t need to pay to install numerous AC units throughout your property, and you can turn off or run a traditional AC unit less often if you utilize both.
  • Rebates: Some energy companies offer rebates to customers who install evaporative cooling units rather than use air conditioning, which can save you even more.

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