How Often Should I Change Out My Swamp Cooler Pads?

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The frequency with which you will change your swamp cooler pads in Phoenix, AZ (also occasionally referred to as evaporative cooler pads) depends on several factors. For example, how often and for how long do you use that pad? What type and level of water supply do you have running to that unit?

You should always check your owner’s manual first and make sure you operate your cooler pads exactly as instructed. That manual will typically also give you an ideal maintenance schedule. But here is some additional information about changing out your swamp cooler pads.

Expected lifespan of swamp cooler pads

Swamp cooler pads have varying lifespans, depending mostly on the way they’re used. However, the quality of the water supply also makes a big difference. As a general rule, you should replace your cooling pad as soon as you notice any cracks beginning to form in it, but it’s hard to state with any real accuracy when you can expect to see these cracks beginning to form. Simply keep in mind that the more you use these pads, the more often you’ll probably need to change them.

Some of the different brands of cooler pads also have varying lifespans. For example, Aspen and Cellulose are both two of the more common brands you’ll find on the market right now. Aspen cooling pads generally need to be changed right at the beginning of every season or perhaps sooner, depending on how many mineral deposits have built up on them since their last changing. Cellulose pads are designed to last a little longer. You might need to only change them every three to five years.

If you don’t know what brand of cooler pad you have, you’ll either be able to find that information in your owner’s manual, or you can just be on the lookout for signs of wear and tear.

How to increase that lifespan

There are a variety of ways you can increase the lifespan of your cooler pads, including:

  • Shut down the cooler pad whenever you aren’t using the system. This will include shutting off the water supply and draining it entirely before you put it away for the season. Make sure you clean out the water tank and filters as well before packing it up.
  • Use water treatment tablets as recommended in your owner’s manual. If your system does require their use, be sure to use them regularly to avoid buildup of mineral deposits.
  • Regularly check the water level whenever you have the unit running.
  • Clean the water tank as soon as you pull it out for use in the spring, especially if you know you have hard water in your area.
  • Clean the exterior of the tank every several weeks to improve the efficiency of its cooling abilities.

For more information about using a swamp cooler pad in Phoenix, AZ and extending its lifespan, contact the team of professionals at Premier Industries Inc. today with any questions you may have.

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