Evaporative Coolers: A Perfect Solution for Your Cooling Needs

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Evaporative coolers could potentially replace your air conditioning, but only because some climates are better for them than others. Here in Phoenix, we have some of the most optimal conditions for the effective operation of these coolers. In some cases, the circumstances in our environment and weather make them more ideal and cost-effective than standard air conditioning. Here are four of these elements unique to this area that make evaporative coolers in Phoenix, AZ a good match:

  • Dry air: Evaporative coolers work by bringing in outdoor air, blowing it over wet pads and returning it to the room or outdoor area. The result is that this redistribution of air can be up to 30 degrees cooler than the current temperature, which reduces the temperature in the immediate area where the cooler operates. This does not work in humid climates because the air brought into the unit is already moist, meaning it does not reduce its temperature when blown across the pads. Phoenix, with its dry climate, produces the best environment possible for optimal functioning for evaporative coolers.
  • Works best during the hottest time of day: The humidity outside drops as the temperatures increase, and this is especially true in Arizona. The triple-digit temperatures that put serious pressure on central air conditioning also remove the humidity from the air, which works great with an evaporative cooler. Basically, the hotter it is outside, the less humidity interferes, and the better the unit operates. While your air conditioning will often work hard and raise your utility bills, you can reduce that load by cooling some rooms with an evaporative cooler.
  • Operates well most days: California, for example, has mostly dry days during the summer, but also its fair share of hot muggy ones. On these days, the efforts of any evaporative coolers will be suddenly lacking. Indoor spaces get warmer because the coolers cannot manage these humid days. In the Arizona desert, we are unlikely to experience enough humid days to see cooling compromised, and if this occurs, it will not last long. Sudden monsoons could increase the humidity and make your evaporative cooler less effective for the short term. However, the desert sun returns swiftly enough that you are unlikely to suffer for long.
  • Less chance of mold: Mold is a constant concern with evaporative coolers, since the pads could produce a perfect environment for it. There is always a risk of this, especially if you do not keep up with changing the pads or performing other maintenance. However, in Phoenix, the environment is less conducive to mold. The dry conditions often keep it at bay in most circumstances, including evaporative coolers. While you should keep up with maintenance, being slightly late will not necessarily turn your pads into a mold garden, as it would in areas that are not predominantly desert.

To learn about the efficient and cost-effective world of evaporative coolers in Phoenix, AZ, visit Premier Industries, Inc. We are prepared to answer your questions so you can buy the best cooler for your environment and purposes.

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