Advantages of Using a Swamp Cooler

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Depending on where you live, the standards of housing developments and personal preference, the cold air in your home may not actually be pumped in or created by a traditional air conditioner. Instead, your household could be benefiting from a type of cooling system called an evaporative cooler (also known as a swamp cooler), a giant box that either sits on your roof, attaches to the outside of a window or comes in as a portable unit to move around your home.

Let’s take a look at some advantages of using a swamp cooler over central heating and cooling in Phoenix, AZ:

  • These systems are energy efficient: When the weather gets hot, it’s a good bet those thermostat buttons on standard air conditioning units will get a workout. But if you want to conserve electricity, consider installing a swamp cooler as your main source of cold air when temperatures rise. Compared to a whole-house A/C, using this type of cooling device can use up to 75 percent less electricity, sparing you from high energy costs.
  • It’s environmentally friendly: If you are wanting to do your part to conserve energy and benefit the environment, then you will be happy to know that swap coolers run on water and moderate amounts of electricity water to produce cold indoor air. Evaporative cooling systems are free of chemical-filled refrigerants, which are needed for other systems. No harmful emissions or greenhouse gases to worry about!
  • No ducts required: Are you the type of person who prefers to have as few home maintenance responsibilities as possible? Unlike an HVAC system, a swamp cooler does not require ductwork to transport air to distribute throughout your home, which equals no ducts to clean. Big or small, you can install a window unit with relative ease and minimal hardware—no ducts or filters needed.
  • Repairs are minimal: Swamp coolers are not as complex as a central heating and air system. In fact, their technology is incredibly simple in maintenance and operation because they have so few working parts. That’s good news on the cost front, since it is not very expensive to replace parts, repair or maintain them.
  • Act as air filters: Swamp coolers require a pad to soak up the water that’s housed in the water tank. When the pad is moistened, it can do its job making cool air, but did you know that this moist pad also doubles as an air filter? That’s right! It does a good job of trapping dust, pollen and other air pollutants, and cooler pad replacements are inexpensive, so you can always enjoy cold and healthy air in your home.

Between all these advantages, especially low cost repairs and easy maintenance, we don’t blame you for wanting to install an evaporative cooling system. After all, it’s already mid-spring, and that means the summer heat is not too far away. Get prepared now with an efficient alternative to a traditional air conditioning system for home or office heating and cooling in Phoenix, AZ. Contact Premier Industries Inc. to learn more!

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