Common Issues With Evaporative Coolers

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Evaporative coolers in Phoenix, AZ require more regular maintenance than other cooling systems, but they also involve fairly simple technology. If there’s something not quite right, it is likely you can fix the issue yourself to make the cooler work well again. Here are the common problems that arise with evaporative coolers and the steps you can take to solve them before you call in a technician:

  • Low or no air flow: A lack of air flow (or reduced air flow) is normally a power supply issue. Check breakers and fuses to see if they are tripped or blown. If this is the cause, you need to replace the fuse (if necessary) and reset the breaker. Air flow is also compromised by a lack of exhaust, so if you did not have exhaust ducts installed, keep a window cracked open. Unlike air conditioners, evaporative coolers in Phoenix, AZ require this access to outdoor air. Another malfunction linked to this problem is motors overheating and shutting down. If that happens, you require a new motor. Replacing belts and thermostats may also be necessary to restore air flow.
  • Air is not cool: If your cooler is not blowing cold air, it is likely due to the water system. If the pads are not sufficiently soaked, it is impossible for the cooler to create cold air. Check the pads to see if they still retain water, and if they are new or functioning properly, move on the water pump. See if there are clogs in the tubes or valves malfunctioning, as those issues can keep water from reaching the pads.
  • Excessive water usage: Your cooler may be working fine except for one problem—it is always out of water. If the water reservoir constantly needs filling, there is likely a leak within the system. Since there are multiple possibilities for the source of a leak, it is likely most prudent to call a technician to locate and seal it. Usually the water valves are common culprits in this situation.
  • Odors: This is a relatively rare problem because the climate in Phoenix is so dry. When evaporative coolers produce odors, it is often traced to the water pan being left to linger. With no place to evaporate, it will grow stagnant, and the effects of the new bacteria growth will make themselves known through your home or office. Drain the water from the pan and reservoir and clean them out with chlorine. Once you finish that task, there should be no odors.
  • Corrosion: If you fail to clean your cooler every six months, you will notice corrosion, which will eventually compromise functioning. This is especially likely if your water source provides high mineral levels. Purchase a water softener to extend longevity and clean your cooler regularly. This will at least slow any corrosion and help your cooler last longer.

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