Evaporative Swamp Coolers in Boulder, CO


Not every facility in town is fully equipped with the latest in central heating and air (HVAC). As a result, folks will find that during the winter their primary focus is on heating the room they are in, but during the summer and warmer months, things can get downright stuffy if not uncomfortable. An evaporative cooler can solve both problems, providing cool air to targeted rooms or an entire structure as well as being mountable under all types of conditions and pre-constructed facilities already in place.

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Industrial Evaporative Coolers in Boulder, CO

Industrial Evaporative Coolers

Designed to provide cool airflow for entire facilities on a largescale basis, such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities, industrial coolers are large scale units that work with multiple fans for wide space airflow. They are often placed high above internally or on roofs of buildings to pump cool airflow in from above. Both take advantage of temperature forms with cold air dropping to where workers are active while hot air rises and gets cooled. The overall cycle cools down the inside of the facility effectively while keeping the air clean and fresh. The ideal location and facility has a low humidity level with otherwise warm temperature, which the cooler can effectively reduce via a humidity increase and cold air blowing at the same time. This would not work, however, in environments with high humidity where the summers for example get extremely damp.

Evaporative Air Coolers

For specific rooms or targeted locations, smaller coolers can be concentrated on specific zones for cooling. This can be ideal for facilities where the larger areas might be partially open, but contained zones need temperature control, such as an air hanger facility for example. Water works as a heat sink, with the unit drawing in hot air, cooling it through the evaporative process, and pushing it back out to the targeted zone for heat reduction. The process is ideal for businesses because cost wise it’s much easier to run for less expense than other cooling approaches.

Portable Air Coolers

Unlike the above choices, which involve a stationary installation, portable coolers allow mobility with cooling equipment and placement in different locations as needed. This works extremely well for situations where work areas change, additional cooling is needed temporarily, temporary base situations that will be set up and then torn down within a few months and similar. Portable coolers solve the problem of having temperature control and cold air where it’s needed versus struggling with fans, ice boxes or suffering in heat due to the fact that a location was never equipped for cooling in the first place. As long as the environment where they will work is contained, the portable cooler can pump cooler air in while reducing the temperature of existing warm air.

Residential Evaporative Swamp Coolers in Boulder, CO

Whole house residential coolers can be installed to cool down an entire home. Similar to a central air approach, the larger unit can utilize the evaporative process to take the hot air in the home and reduce it by pumping in cold air with a higher humidity level. This works extremely well in locations that are arid, dry and have very little or no moisture in the air during the warm months. Homes become a welcome paradise to cool down in after being outside. A typical example of application would be in a place like Arizona in the summer where the air is so dry, just the lack of humidity spikes the temperature another 10 degrees hotter.

Evaporative Air Coolers

Homes can also benefit from localized coolers installed for specific rooms. This might be advantageous, for example, when one works from home and needs to keep computers cool during the hot months or is otherwise stuck having to work at night when the temperature drops.

Portable Air Coolers

And it is quite possible to install portable coolers that can be moved around a residential zone or home, moving from one room to the next as needed without difficulty.

Commercial Evaporative Coolers in Boulder, CO

Commercial Evaporative Coolers

Thinking about an upgrade or changing the air and temperature control for an office facility? It’s worth the investment. Workers who operate in climates that function at the ideal temperature settings for regular work and safety time and time again produce higher productivity than those who are too cold or too hot to be comfortable. When people are busy thinking about how many ice cubes, they have in their drink melting away, they are not concentrating on work. With a commercial cooling system in place, your offices can once again settle into a welcome environment and provide employees a comfortable setting so they can focus on work.

Do You Need an Industrial or Residential Evaporative Cooler in Boulder, CO?

Given the design of your facility or layout, it might be a mix of uses, which can make the choice between a localized unit or a much stronger unit a bit difficult. An expert evaluation can solve the ambiguity quickly and get you focused on cooling system installations instead. And if you need additional residential help, that’s available too. All your evaporative cooling system choices are available in one place with Premier Industries Inc. Give us a call to find out more or schedule and appointment so we can come out and evaluate your location to provide you the best options for your specific cooling needs in Boulder, CO.

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Evaporative Cooler Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to balance the blower and motor?

With evaporative coolers the best balancing to apply between the blower and motor tends to be the factory recommendations from the unit brand. These have been tested and applied to determine the optimum performance from a cooler system.

How can the air velocity be controlled?

The best way to manage airflow is to regulate the speed of the blower. Because the blower creates the positive pressure pushing air through a channel or zone, the blower speed controls the intensity which in turn controls the velocity.

How do you adjust the RPM?

Most evaporative cooler systems have a speed control that directly manages the speed and blowing intensity of the unit.

How do you adjust the water flow?

The water flow is controlled by the unit’s water pump. By increasing the pumping intensity, the water flow increases as well.